Published on 04 Jan 2021

​If you have workers with this personality type, you need to say these words to them

The Ladders (US)

A new study headed by a team of psychologists in Singapore found that extroverts use a different type of language compared to their counterparts, where they are more likely to be attracted to and to use words describing their personality like positive emotion or social process words. Researchers at the NTU Singapore were interested in seeing whether those two categories of words — positive emotion and social process words — were actually a sign of extroverts, which it has been linked to in the past. “This is the first time a relationship has been established between extraverts and their tendency to use the two categories of words,” said lead researcher Assoc Prof Lin Qiu. “As it is a small correlation, we believe that stronger linguistic indicators are needed to improve machine learning approaches, amid rising interest in such tools in consumer marketing.” While the study focused on how this type of language is used in advertising and marketing by retailers, it’s interesting to think whether using positive emotion or social process words in a professional setting could attract different reactions from employees, especially extroverts.

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Photo: Sound On from Pexels