Published on 11 Nov 2021

Facebook's name change to Meta: How does it affect the stock price? - Opinion

Sina (China)

In an opinion piece, Asst Prof Bao Te from NTU’s SSS discussed Facebook’s company’s name change to Meta, and whether it would affect its stock price.

“After the announcement of the name change, Facebook's share price has been rising so far, and is currently around US$340, which is about 9% higher than before the announcement. Of course, in the stock market, there are many factors that affect stock prices, and the company name may not be the most important one. However, it can be expected that Facebook's name change when the concept of Metaverse is becoming popular will likely attract a large number of other companies, even some companies whose businesses are completely unrelated to Metaverse, to follow suit,” he wrote.

Read the article (in Mandarin) here.