Published on 21 Apr 2023

Empowering Youths : A mention of SSS@NTU's PPGA student

Kudos to our PPGA student : Anatasha Abdullah

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday (Apr 19), MP Nadia Ahmad Samdin stressed the need to empower various parts of society to play to their strengths. She highlighted the need for collective action on several fronts. She shared the importance of empowering youths to take ownership and have a stake in finding workable solutions to challenges.

SSS@NTU is proud of our Public Policy and Global Affairs undergraduate, Anatasha Abdullah, who was mentioned for her involvement in an independently run interview series that gave a voice to everyday malay muslim Singaporean women on their stories, values and thoughts, in line with International Women's Day, this year.

Click here to watch MP Nadia Ahmad share about Anatasha Abdullah.

MP Nadia Ahmad Samdin