Published on 01 Apr 2022

Assoc Prof Victoria Leong bags A*STAR grants

Congratulations to Psychology's Associate Professor Victoria Leong on being awarded two of A*STAR's new Human Health Potential (HHP) Prenatal/Early Childhood grants. 

She is the lead PI for the multi-disciplinary project, "A Sociometric AI Screening Tool to Risk-Stratify Infant Neurodevelopmental Trajectories (STARS)".  It involves fellow faculty members in Economics and Public Policy and Global Affairs—Professor Euston Quah, Assistant Professor Akshar Saxena, and Assistant Professor Kim Soo Jin. Assistant Professor Akshar is leading a work package on health economic assessment and policy translation for the new clinical tool. In addition, the project will also comprise Professor Guan Cuntai and Professor Balazs Gulyas, both from NTU, as well as clinicians from KK Women's & Children's Hospital (KKH). This project is 36 months long, and is expected to conclude in 2025. 

Associate Professor Leong will be the co-investigator for the other HHP project, working with Dr Geoffrey Tan at Institute of Mental Health (IMH). 

Photo: Susan Holt Simpson / Unsplash