Published on 06 May 2023

Adulting 101: Confronting my 'bad' texting habits while striving to be a better friend in the digital age

Published on 6 may 2023. By TODAY journalist Deborah Lau

In this digital age, experts agree that there is a general common understanding about what constitutes β€œgood” or β€œbad” texting etiquette. πƒπ« π‰πžπ«πžπ¦π² 𝐒𝐧𝐠, our SSS@NTU lecturer under the Interdisciplinary Collaborative Core curriculum, commented that texting etiquette is somewhat subjective as everyone has a different baseline of mobile phone use, which could lead to misaligned expectations. And added how meaningful face-to-face meet-ups reflect their expressions better than β€œbad” texting.
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