Our Researchers

Project 1

NameDesignationScope of Work
Yan ZimingPresidential Postdoc FellowAsset Health for Transformer, Criticality and Risk Valuation for all assets.
Zhou Nan Research Fellow AHI for Cable and Switchgear
Suo ChangyouResearch FellowCable Health Index Modelling
Han TongResearch FellowOptimisation
Yan RudaiResearch FellowSoftware Module data processing
Zou Yunyang Research Associate Asset Criticality Index modelling
Cao YanResearch AssociateRule Based Health Index
LI Qiaoqiao Research Engineer Software Module Designer
Racheal LimRSS NTU Network analysis for criticality indexing

Project 2

NameDesignationScope of work
Dr Ding CanResearch Fellow Degradation study – electrical testing & analysis
Dr Ma Jielin Research Fellow Degradation study – materials chemistry & characterization
Dr Wang Qi Research Fellow Degradation study – FEM modelling & simulation
Dr Sun Weifeng Senior Research Fellow Degradation study – material physics & molecular insights
Mr Pan ZhiyuResearch Assistant Assistance in experiments & facility management
Joe Marc Marzo ValdezResearch AssistantAssistance in experiments & facility management
Miss Deng YuhengRSS NTU Degradation study of insulation materials

Project 3

NameDesignationScope of work
Pang Yipeng Research Fellow Statistical modelling / Life Cycle Cost Optimization
Chen Yuh-Rong Research Fellow Software Development
Wang Jianzheng Research Engineer Mitigation Plan Optimization
Liu JinxingResearch Engineerfront-end application development
Cheng Jiaxiang RSS NTU Statistical modelling/ ML application

Project 4

NameDesignationScope of work
Dr Wang Wensong Research Fellow PD Sensing through Electromagnetic (EM) signal detection
Mr Lu Minshan Research Associate FPGA and Front-end hardware development
JI Jinsheng Research Fellow AL/ML application for online PD monitoring
Jiang Guanlin Research Master Student Front-end management software development
Mr Goh Yew Yap Sr Software Engineer Back-end architecture and software development
Mr Sebastian MaSr Software Engineer Back-end dashboard and software development

Project 5

NameDesignationScope of work
Dr Suo Changyou Research Fellow Electrical testing study
Dr Yi Huajie Research Fellow Data analytics and software development
Dr Zhang Yue Research Fellow Degradation study of insulation materials - Materials chemistry & characterization