Reference Pricing


​​​Categories​Targeted Analysis​Untargeted **Profiling​MALDI/DESI Imaging*
(LKCMedicine, SBS, SCELSE)
​S$150 per sample​S$250 per sample​S$800 per sample
​NTU instituitions and departments (such as ​NIE, NEWRI, SCBE, SPMS)​​S$250 per sample​​S$400 per sample​​S$1000 per sample
​External (including A*STAR, SingHealth, NHG, NUHS)​​S$350 per sample​​S$600 per sample​​S$1300 per sample
​Corporates (such as Johnson & Johnson, Loreal, PUB)​​S$400 per sample​​S$1000 per sample​​S$1500 per sample
  • Additional charges of S$100 per calibration curve if more than two reference standards
  • >100 samples; 10% discount based on the price reference of the host institution​



​​Categories​Examples​Bile Acid Analysis (30)​Tryptophan Analysis (30) Amino Acid Analysis (17)​​Purine Metabolism (15)​Arachidonic Acid Metabolism (40)​
​Stakeholders​LKCMedicine, SBS, SCELSE​S$200 per sample​S$200 per sample​​S$200 per sample​​S$300 per sample​​S$300 per sample​
​NTU Dept/Inst.​NIE, NEWRI, SCBE, SPMS​S$300 per sample​​S$300 per sample​​S$300 per sample​​S$400 per sample​​S$400 per sample​
​External (Government sponsored)​A*STAR, SingHealth, NHG, NUHS​S$400 per sample​​S$400 per sample​​S$400 per sample​​S$500 per sample​​S$500 per sample​
​Corporate​Johnson & Johnson, Loreal, PUB​​S$500 per sample​​​S$500 per sample​​​S$500 per sample​​​S$600 per sample​​​S$600 per sample​​
  • ​>100 samples: 10% discount based​​ on the price reference of the host instituition​



​​​Types Of Experiment​Stakeholders​NTU (NIE)​External Or Government Sponsored​Corporate
​Urine: 1D (NOESY)
+2D (JRES)
​S$50 per sample​S$75 per sample​S$100 per sample​S$200 per sample
​Plasma 1D​S$50 per sample​S$75 per sample​S$100 per sample​​S$200 per sample
​Plasma 2D1D (NOESY)​1D(CPMG)2D (JRES)​​S$75 per sample​​​S$115 per sample​S$150 per sample​​S$250 per sample
​13C labeled NMR​S$75 per sampleS$115 per sample
​S$150 per sample​S$200 per sample
​2DNMR for structure elucidation​S$2500 per sample​​S$3500 per sample​S$5000 per sample​S$10,000 per sample


  1. Service charges are subject to change at the discretion of Singapore Phenome Centre without prior notice.
  2. All service charges listed are before GST.
  3. Charging per sample subject to the complexity of the projects.
  4. A detailed report on QC clustering, information on RT & m/z of molecules, %CV will be provided.***
  5. Joint appointee: based on the price reference of the prime host institution category.
*MALDI & DESI source ​
**1D includes NOESY and CPMG​
***Only Applicable to LCMS