Published on 15 Dec 2020


SCALE@NTU has welcomed a league of 16 URECA students, who are among the best in their cohort, under URECA program 2020.  They will embark on projects in various domains such as AR/VR, Image Segmentation, Machine Reading Comprehension, Multi-Robot Scheduling, and Machine Learning for Video Understanding. The projects are proposed with strong industry input from Singtel/NCS aiming to solve real world problems using start-of-the-art AI and machine learning technology. The students will be under the supervision of SCALE@NTU PIs as well as Singtel/NCS Research Leads on designing algorithms to solve the problems. They will also work closely with both SCALE@NTU and Singtel/NCS researchers to develop the solutions.

We wish all the students a fruitful journey with us!