Published on 30 Apr 2019

​Singapore Researchers Study Effects of Spatter in Large-Scale SLM Printing

Ahmad Anwar, thesis student at the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing, NTU Singapore explores undesired byproducts of 3D printing in ‘Large scale selective laser melting : study of the effects and removal of spatter by the inert gas flow.’ The topic of spatter is usually considered in regard to imperfections, but Anwar explores such issues in connection with fabrication on the larger scale too—a necessary method that results in hardware of increasing sizes so that larger parts can be made. Flaws in 3D printing must be addressed as many parts are relied on for strength and functionality. The study of spatter is important in trying to reduce or eliminate any defects. In other studies, researchers have studied ejecta and its role in causing imperfections, other types of spatter, and have even set up high-speed cameras to study 3D printing in situ. 

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