Published on 02 Sep 2020

Congratulations! Dr Biranchi Panda awarded runner-up of the Graduate College Excellence Award (AY2019 -2020)

Dr Biranchi Panda was awarded runner-up of the Graduate College Excellence Award for AY2019-2020.

The Graduate College awards are given annually to the most deserving graduating students for their achievements during their studies at NTU, and to their advisors. The Research Excellence award recognises original and creative student research with significant impact on the field or study.

Panda was a part of the Building & Construction research group in SC3DP, and had greatly enjoyed working with his supervisor and colleagues. As a mechanical engineer, it was challenging for Panda to design 3D printed concrete material as it involves complex chemistry of building materials. He faced the challenge head-on and turned it into an opportunity to develop new skills and experiences. Panda is currently working as an assistant professor at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati.