<Inspiring Ideas Webinar Series> The Future of Additive Manufacturing – Grand Challenges

SC3DP Inspiring Ideas Webinar Series: The Future of Additive Manufacturing - Grand Challenges  11
03 Mar 2023 04.15 PM - 05.45 PM Alumni, Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Prospective Students, Public

SC3DP Inspiring Ideas Webinar Series: The Future of Additive Manufacturing - Grand Challenges  11

Inspiring Ideas Webinar Series

The monthly thematic seminars aim to cover the different aspects of Additive Manufacturing (AM), drawing insights from global academic and industry thought-leaders to generate discussion and action on the advancement of AM technology and its integration into the emerging suite of Industry 4.0 digital technologies.

The Future of Manufacturing – Grand Challenges

What does it take for AM to move beyond? This webinar will continue to explore the grand challenges of AM as a sunrise industry and its potential for growth. There will be two talks followed by a panel discussion. The panel discussion will be moderated by Prof Paulo Bartolo, SC3DP Executive Director.

Talks & Speakers

Title: 3D Bioprinting – Unlocking the Advantage of 3D Cell Culture

Dr Itedale Namro Redwan holds a PhD degree in Chemistry with emphasis on Medicinal/Organic Chemistry from the University of Gothenburg. She obtained her Postdoctoral training in Chemical Biology at the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco. She was an Assistant Professor at the Clinical Chemistry and Transfusion Medicine at the University of Gothenburg prior to joining CELLINK as a Senior Principal Scientist/Scientific Officer. Today, Itedale is the Chief Scientific Officer, currently leading the Science and Applications team in the R&D department at CELLINK. CELLINK is the world leading Bioprinting company and Itedale´s team has commercialized 45+ bioinks and published 15+ application notes in the field of Biofabrication.

Title: Biofabrication approaches for regenerative medicine: from the design of scaffolds to steer stem cell activity to bioprinting of human 3D in vitro advanced organ models

Professor Lorenzo Moroni received his Ph.D. cum laude in 2006 at University of Twente on 3D scaffolds for osteochondral regeneration, for which he was awarded the European doctorate award in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering from the European Society of Biomaterials (ESB). Since 2014 he works at Maastricht University, where he is a founding member of the MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine. In 2016, he became full professor in biofabrication for regenerative medicine. Since 2019, he is chair of the Complex Tissue Regeneration department. He was vice-director of MERLN from 2019 till 2022. Since 2022, he is director of MERLN. In 2014, he received the Jean Leray award from the ESB and an ERC starting grant. In 2016, he also received the Robert Brown Award from TERMIS. In 2017, he was elected as faculty of the Young Academy of Europe and in the top 100 Italian scientists within 40 worldwide by the European Institute of Italian Culture. His research group interests aim at developing biofabrication technologies to generate libraries of 3D scaffolds able to control cell fate, with applications spanning from skeletal to vascular, neural, and organ regeneration. From his research efforts, 3 products have already reached the market.