Microbial Natural Product Biosynthesis & Bacterial Signaling Laboratory

The main thrust of my research lab is to uncover new proteins that underlie bacterial pathogenesis and novel enzymes in natural product biosynthesis. (1) We discover new microbial secondary metabolites using a genomicsguided approach. We mine the genome of ecologically unique microbes to identify novel biosynthetic pathways. We employ synthetic biology tools to manipulate the pathways to access the targeted secondary metabolites. We expect the research work to yield new bioactive natural products and biosynthetic enzymes that catalyze new chemical transformations. (2) Cyclic dinucleotides (cDNs) have emerged as prominent messengers in many pathogenic bacteria. cDNs contribute to bacterial pathogenesis by mediating pathogenicity and stress resistance. We aim to uncover cDNs-mediated mechanisms that underpin bacterial infection. The research will potentially unveil novel signaling proteins and pathways that can be targeted for developing antimicrobial and biofilm-controlling agents.

Liang Zhao-XunLEAD PI
Liang Zhao-Xun

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (65) 6592 7736
Office: SBS-03S-53
Ma Guang-Lei
Research Fellow

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Phone: (65) 6592 7911
Hartono Candra
Research Assistant

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 Wang Xuejiao
Research Fellow

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Daryn Tan Fu Ern
M.Sc Student

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Rachel Andrea Chea Yuen Fong
M.Sc Student

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  • Project 1: Genome-guided discovery of microbial natural products
  • Project 2: Engineering of microbial heterologous hosts for the production of high value-added Chemicals
  • Project 3. Molecular mechanism underlying bacterial pathogenesis and antibiotic resistance
Full list of publications can be found here
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