Laboratory Safety

The School of Biological Sciences is dedicated to maintain a safe working environment for all students in teaching laboratories.

All freshmen will attend a laboratory orientation course where the safety briefing will be conducted to explain the safety rules in the teaching laboratories.

An online safety quiz will be conducted every semester 1 for all Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 undergraduates. Please refer to the guidelines​ for the online safety quiz and log into NTULearn to start the online quiz.

The Nanyang Technological University School of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Policy and Safety Manual for teaching laboratories manual provides information on policy and safety rules in the teaching laboratory. Please familiarize with the contents and follow the guidelines provided.

For more information on the specific rules and recommendations that apply to the School of Biological Sciences at NTU, please refer to the school's comprehensive (67 page) Safety Operations Manual​, which can be found on the SBS web site under Resources and Research.​