Curriculum AY2017 and before

B.Sc (Hons) in Biological Sciences with 2nd Major in Biomedical Structural Biology

For Year 1 students admitted in AY2017​ and before

Year 1 Semester 1Major-PEBS1001Introductory Biology^
(exempted with H2 Biology = A)+
Major-PEBS1002Biophysical Chemistry3
Major-PEBS1003Organic Chemistry
(exempted with H2 Chemistry = A)+
Major-PEBS1005Biochemistry I3
GER-UE-CoreCM1031Basic Organic Chemistry with Laboratory4
GER-CoreML0001Absolute Basics for Career^1
Total AUs20

**Students will be pre-registered with GER-PE-LA "HE9091 Principles of Economics" (3AUs) in their first semester. Students may drop the pre-registered GER-PE-LA and register for other available GER-PE

Year 1 Semester 2Major-PEBS1006Principles of Genetics3
Major-PEBS1007Molecular & Cell Biology I
(exempted with H3 subject = Distinction or Merit)+?
Major-PEBS1100Molecular and Cell Biology Techniques Level 13
GER-UE-CoreCM1041Basic Physical Chemistry with Laboratory4
GER-CoreGC0001Sustainability: Seeing through the Haze^1
Total AUs20

+ Students may be exempted with other courses if they have other matching H2 or H3 courses. Please see Table 1.

Year 2 Semester 1Major-PEBS2001Physiology3
Major-PEBS2003Biochemistry II3
GER-UE-CoreBS2020Mathematics, Physics and Basic Programming for the Structural Biologist3
GER-UE-CoreCM2031Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry3
GER-CoreHW0128Scientific Communication I2
Total AUs20

Year 2 Semester 2Major-PEBS2008Experimental Molecular & Cell Biology3
GER-UE-CoreCM2041Physical and Biophysical Chemistry I3
GER-UE-CoreBS2021RNA Structures & RNA based Drug Development3
GER-CoreHW0228Scientific Communication II2
GER-CoreHY0001Ethics and Moral Reasoning^1
Major-PE-(From Table A)9
Total AUs21

Inter-semester Break (May-July)Major-PEBS9001Research Experience(Optional) ++3
Total AUs3

++ Recommended Major-PE which is conducted during inter-semester break. Completion of BS9001 will allow you to do one less Major-PE in any of the future semesters. Registration of BS9001 will be done by the School.

Year 3 Semester 1GER-UE-CoreBS3021Bioimaging Techniques in EM3
Major-PE-(From Table B)9
GER-UE-PE-(From Table D)3
GER-CoreBS0001Biology and Society3
GER-CoreML0002Career Power Up!^1
Total AUs19

Year 3 Semester 2GER-UE-CoreBS3025NMR in Structural Biology3
GER-UE-PE-(From Table D)3
Major-PE-(From Table C)12
GER-CoreET0001Entrepreneurship and Innovation^1
Total AUs19

Year 4 Semester 1Major-PE-(From Table B)12
GER-UE-Core-(From Table D)3
Total AUs18

Year 4 Semester 2Major-PE- BS4020 - Final Year Project
BS4222 - Professional Internship
Total AUs12

^^^ Students may opt to take BS4224 Professional Internship in Year 4 Sem 1 or Year 4 Sem 2.

For students admitted in AY2016/17 and onwards (excluding the direct-entry to Year 2 students admitted in AY2016), please adhere to the following curriculum in Year 4 Sem 2 :

Year 4 Semester 2Major-PEBS4020Final Year Project Or,12
Major-PE- BS4223 - Professional Career Development ^^
BS4224 - Professional Internship
Total AUs12

^ Online courses

^^ Students are recommended to read BS4223 in Year 3 Sem 1 , Year 3 Sem 2 or Year 4 Sem 1 before going on Professional Internship. "ML0002 Career Power Up!" is the co-requisite of BS4223.

Course CodeCourse TitleCourse AUs
BS2004Molecular & Cell Biology II3
BS2012Genetics & Genomics3
BS2014Microbial Biotechnology3
BS211S^Equations of Life3
BS3332#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Methods in Histology3
BS3335#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Protein behavior in health and disease – biophysical tools3
BS3347#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Metabolomics and Lipidomics3
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse AUs
BS1101Basics of TCM (中医基础理论)3
BS2103^^TCM Diagnostics (中医诊断学)6
BS3003Developmental biology3
BS3004Cancer biology and Therapy3
BS3014Biological foundations of behavior3
BS3018Plant biology3
BS3023Regulatory Control of Healthcare Products and Medical Devices3
BS3024Evolution in Health and Disease3
BS3031Beauty and the Myths3
BS3032Environmental Microbiology3
BS3338#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) – Effect of Anti-mitotic Drugs on Cancer Cells3
BS3342#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) – Role of Actin cytoskeleton regulators in metastasis3
BS3345#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) Microbial Biotechnology and Systems Biology3
BS4002Current topics in cell biology3
BS4004Current topics in immunology3
BS4010Synthetic Biology3
BS4011Biology of Social Behavior3
​BS4014​Molecular Basis of Diseases3​
BS4015Plant Biotechnology3
BS9001Research Experience3
BG4215Biomedical Nanotechnology3
CH4306Bioanalytical Techniques3
ES2304​Microbes on natural ecosystems​3
ES3302Tropical Ecology3
ES4303Marine and Aquatic Ecology3
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse AUs
BS1101^^Basics of TCM (中医基础理论)6
BS3010Current topics in stem cell and developmental biology3
BS3011Protein folding & biomolecular NMR3
BS3012Functional genomics and proteomics3
BS3015The RNA World3
BS3017Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis3
BS3019Neuropsychology of Stress and Resilience3
BS3022Protein Trafficking3
BS3035One Health3
BS3331#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Applied Immunology3
BS3336#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Proteomics Workshop3
BS3339#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Neurobiology3
BS3340#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) – Science of aging and life extension in C. elegans3
BS3346#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series I) - Bridges between Neuroscience and Psychology3
HH3010Biotechnology and Society3
^^ BS1101 and BS2103 are considered as ONE Major PE.
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse AUsOffering
BS3008Computational Biology & Modelling3Sem 2
BS3013#Drug discovery & development, biotechnology3Sem 2
BS3027#Spectroscopic Methods in Biomedical Structural Biology3Sem 1
BS3028Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry3Sem 2
BS3344#Undergraduate Advanced Experimental Biology (UAEB) Workshop (Series II) – Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography3Sem 1
BS4014#Molecular Basis of Diseases3Sem 1
CM4034Natural Product Chemistry3Sem 1
(not offered)
CM4043Molecular Modeling: Principle and Applications3Sem 1
CM4051Advanced Bioorganic chemistry3Sem 2
(on hold)
CM9031Analytical & Manufacturing Techniques in Pharmaceutical Industry​3Sem 2
CM9081Medicinal Chemistry3Sem 1
CM9082Drug Design and Synthesis3Sem 2

# Note: For BSxxxx courses under Table D, it will be cleared as UE to fulfil 2nd major in Biomedical Structural Biology first. The BS course could be reclassified to Major PE when all UE requirements under 2nd major in Biomedical Structural Biology have been fulfilled.

BS4012 and BS4013 have ceased to offer. Students who have taken the courses before can still count them to fulfil the 2nd major in BSSB requirement.

NTU reserves all rights to make changes to the programme structure with prior notice.​​​​​​​​​