BS Curriculum AY2020

BS Curriculum and Course Descriptions AY2020

Year 1 Semester 1CoreBS1001Introductory Biology3
CoreBS1002Biophysical Chemistry3
CoreBS1003Organic Chemistry3
GER-CoreHW0111Communication: A Journey of Inquiry through Writing and Speech2
Total AUs17

** Students will be pre-registered with GER-PE-LA ‘HE9091 Principles of Economics’ (3AUs) in their first semester. Students may drop the pre-registered GER-PE-LA and register for other available GER-PE.

Year 1 Semester 2CoreBS1005Biochemistry I3
CoreBS1006Principles of Genetics3
CoreBS1007Molecular & Cell Biology I3
CoreBS1009Introduction to Computational Thinking3
CoreBS1100Molecular and Cell Biology Techniques Level 13
GER-CoreGC0001Sustainability: Seeing through the Haze1
Total AUs16

Year 2 Semester 1CoreBS2001Physiology3
CoreBS2003Biochemistry II3
Major-PE-(From Table B)3
GER-CoreBS0004Introduction to Data Science3
GER-CoreML0003Kickstart your Career Success1
Total AUs19

Year 2 Semester 2Major-PE-(From Table A)6
CoreBS4223Professional Career Development1
GER-CoreHW0228Scientific Communication II2
GER-CoreHY0001Ethics and Moral Reasoning^1
GER-CoreBS0005One Health^^3
Total AUs19

^^ Students from AY2018 intake who have read and completed BS0001 Biology and Society (as GER-Core) before AY2019 Sem 2 are NOT required to read BS0005 One Health.

Year 3 Semester 1CoreBS4224Professional Internship11
Total AUs11

Year 3 Semester 2Major-PE-(From Table A)9
GER-CoreET0001Entrepreneurship and Innovation^1
Total AUs19

Year 4 Semester 1Major-PE-(From Table B)12
Total AUs18

Year 4 Semester 2Major-PE-BS4020 - Final Year Project**
(From Table A)
Total AUs12

^ Online courses

* The above curriculum is based on a 4 year B.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Science programme.

** For BS CNYang students, please refer  CY4111 Overseas Final Year Project (OFYP) course content via the link provided.

Note: For Direct Entry to Year 2 students (AY2019 intake and and AY2020 intake), you are to read BS1009 (Core) and GC0001 (GER-Core) in Year 2 sem 2.

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Students can take UEs/GER-PE/BDE offered by any school in NTU

NTU reserves all rights to make changes to the programme structure with prior notice.​​​​​​​​​