Meet our Vice President for Research

Prof Luke Ong

Dear Visitors,

I am pleased to welcome you to our research webpage, which reflects our commitment to research excellence. As the Vice President for research, I am honoured to lead a team of researchers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making a positive impact on society.

NTU’s research strategy over the five-year period 2021-2025 is to redouble our pursuit of the quality and uniformity of excellence in research, whilst addressing Singapore’s national priorities, and four of humanities’ grand challenges through the establishment of the NTU2025 interdisciplinary research clusters ‒ (i) Artificial & Augmented Intelligence, (ii) Resilient Urbanization & Natural Ecosystems, (iii) Brain & Learning, (iv) Health & Society, (v) Future of Industry, and (vi) Culture, Organizations & Society.

I invite you to explore our research capabilities, ongoing research activities, collaborative initiatives, groundbreaking discoveries, and research programmes by viewing our webpage. Your interest and support will help shape a future where the spirit of inquiry and discoveries pave the way for a better world!



Prof Luke Ong
Vice President for Research
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore