Family Medicine Student Interest Group

The LKC Family Medicine Student Interest Group (SIG) was established in 2018, with the vision to cultivate greater awareness and interest in Family Medicine within the LKC student body. Since then, our SIG has grown significantly, and we now have close to 400 active members consisting of current students and alumni. Apart from the ExCo, the SIG  has a team of passionate volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes on numerous initiatives.


The SIG plans and hosts various events such as Caught Not Taught, More Than Meets the Eye and Residency Sharing, where we invite distinguished Family Physicians to share more about their careers and what being a Family Physician entails, and residents to talk about their experience as junior physicians in Family Medicine. Our Introduction to Family Medicine, is held annually and aims to give students an insight into the many exciting facets of Family Medicine. Every year, we refresh our content and bring our members the latest developments in the primary care landscape. In this year’s instalment, we present a segment on a new development, HealthierSG. Attendees over the years have shared that this event presents a never-seen-before side of Family Medicine and leaves them with a deeper appreciation for the practice.


Additionally, the SIG creates and delivers content related to Family Medicine through diverse media to engage and educate our student community. We harness the power of social media and stay connected with our members on our Instagram page. One can find academic quizzes and important information regarding common conditions in a bite-sized and digestible format on our Instagram page.


We also seek to be the bridge between aspiring student-researchers and accomplished Family Physicians, as well as researchers, by forging strong partnerships with esteemed organisations such as LKCMedicine’s own Singapore Primary Care Research and Knowledge (SPARK) Network. This Academic Year, the SIG aims to intensify our commitment to research endeavours by seeking meaningful research opportunities for LKC students to take up. We hope to get our students more involved in Family Medicine-specific research by better matching students’ research interests to the research projects that are currently available. We are also seeking to pilot a new initiative where students propose potential research topics to researchers so do look out for more information on this!


Do follow our Instagram page to find more about what we do and our upcoming events. To get in touch, we can be contacted at [email protected]

The SIG committee for academic year 2023/2024:

Chairperson: Eugene Chua Khye Gin, Class of 2026

Vice-Chairperson: Crystal Cheong Kai Ting, Class of 2026

Programme Directors: Xiao Liyang, Class of 2026

                                                Jarrod Chua, Class of 2027

Publicity Director: Ruth Tan Tiag Ying, Class of 2026

Academic Director: Isaac Kua Cher Ern, Class of 2025