About Us

​The Primary Care and Family Medicine (PCFM) team is a multidisciplinary group with expertise in general practice, evidence-based medicine, gerontology, psychiatry, social science, psychology and statistics. It aims to deliver high-quality research designed to improve clinical, managerial and policy decision making for the benefit of patients, families and communities in Singapore. PCFM supports and promotes the involvement of patients and the public in health research.

Our Research

PCFM’s research focuses on three highly relevant areas in the delivery of primary care in Singapore and internationally:


Long-term conditions

Focusing on respiratory and atopic disorders, multi-morbidity, mental health, ageing, and patient health and illness experiences

Evidence synthesis and implementation

Increasing research capacity and leadership skills in primary care and family medicine

PCFM places major emphasis on advancing research methodology, and hosts the Primary Care Research Network to encourage and support high-quality research in family medicine in Singapore. It also hosts the Centre for Primary Health Care Research and Innovation​, a joint initiative between LKCMedicine and the National Healthcare Group.