Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate courses are offered to working professionals who wish to pursue their study in a particular area or explore a new area of interest as part of their continuing education and training (CET) lifelong learning journey. Graduate Certificate courses give you an option to expand your career opportunities without enrolling in an entirely new degree program. 

Our Graduate Certificate consist of courses taken from the Postgraduate Degree Programmes in key growth sectors such as IT, Business, Engineering, and more. Each course is credit-bearing and stackable towards the relevant certificate(s) subject to the prevailing rules and regulations.

CET Learners may choose to read these courses (except for the semester long courses) as credit course or non-credit course. If Learners attend the course as non-credit, he/she is required to pass a basic assessment to demonstrate understanding of the content. Learners will still attend the course sessions and have access to course materials.

For Learners taking the course as credit course, there will be continuous assessments during course period and a final exam/quiz/assignment at the end of the course which contribute to a final grade.

Learners will indicate their choice at the point of application.

Registration for Graduate Certificate in Sustainability - Strategy, Energy, Environment, and Circularity (NEW) is open now. If registrations for your course of interest are closed, please click here to register your interest, we will inform you once registrations open. 

Equip yourself with in-demand cybersecurity knowledge with the new Graduate Certificate in Hardware Security Evaluation and Certification offered by NTU in collaboration with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). Participants of this course will gain practical knowledge such as the purpose of security evaluation and certification, techniques for vulnerability assessment of hardware products, physical hardware attacks and their countermeasures, that will prepare you for roles in evaluation and certification, forensic investigation, vulnerability assessment etc.



CET919 Design for Trust 
CET920 Fault-Injection Attacks & Hardware Trojan 
CET921 Side-Channel-Attacks & Countermeasures


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