Completing Master's degree in supply chain engineering with flexible learning pathway


Ong Chee Yung Ton

Alumni of MAE/2020
Assistant Manager at Nanyang Technological University
Completed FlexiMasters in Supply Chain Engineering and Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering

Please share with us what aspired you to pursue this FlexiMasters, and your future plans on continuing your education upon completion.

I was intending to enrol in NTU’s Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering before I found out that some of the courses from this Master’s degree are also offered by PaCE@NTU as FlexiMasters in Supply Chain Engineering in 2020. As a recent NTU’s School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) graduate who is also in the mid-career age group, the significant levels of subsidies available such as SkillsFuture funding and the NTU Alumni Course Credits for me to utilise to upskill myself and continue my education proved to be the deciding factor. In addition, I was also able to apply for credits transfer for the completed courses of this certificate to the full Master's programme. Since completing the FlexiMasters, I started pursuing the Master of Science in Supply Chain Engineering in 2021 and completed it in 2022.

What attracted you to your chosen certificate at PaCE@NTU?

I have always been interested in the supply chain field, and I would like to learn more about the different industry practices as well as how the world of supply chain moves and reacts especially in the current COVID-19 situation. The courses from this FlexiMasters are exactly what I have been wanting to learn so I decided to pursue.

Which aspect of this certificate did you like the most?

The FlexiMasters courses are taught by experienced industry personnel. This allowed us to gain more insights on the industry practices and knowledge from the real-world instead of learning from notes and textbooks only. The experiences shared by these industry professionals made the classes extremely interesting and engaging.

Share with us a memorable experience you had during your time at NTU.

The group projects in the FlexiMasters courses allowed me to work together with group members from different industry backgrounds and experiences. The exchange of our individual industry knowledge was something that I would consider priceless and cannot be found in any notes or textbooks. The opportunity to work with various personnel from different industry sectors was also a form of training for me which may not be available in our individual workplaces. My learning journey in NTU was both memorable and enriching.

Will you recommend PaCE@NTU’s programmes to your friends and family?

I have recommended some of my friends from NTU Class of 2020 to take up courses stackable to this FlexiMasters as I know they will benefit from the knowledge gained since they are working in the relevant fields. The courses are definitely tailored to our needs in the field of supply chain and logistics.