FlexiMasters (MAE)

PaCE@NTU in partnership with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering introduces FlexiMasters in Engineering Optics and Photonics. The different modules offered through this program are expected to benefit the participants through CET to upgrade their technical knowledge and skills that are highly relevant in the changing industrial landscape.

This programme aims to address the needs of  manufacturing and related service sectors with integrated and comprehensive courses in photonics and optical engineering.  It comprises of focused modules ranging from basic optical engineering, lasers and photonics, photonics materials and devices, lithography, fibre optics and optical communications, designed to equip graduates with the much-required knowledge on the fundamentals of optics and photonics, optical engineering followed by specific industrial applications that are highly relevant today. 

It is tailored for practicing engineers, analysts, researchers, regulatory specialist, designers, and executives. As this course is designed to be accessible, it is also suitable to learners from all disciplines who seek to have in-depth understanding of photonics and engineering optics and their impact in current industries and for Industry 4.0 (I 4.0).

Courses Academic UnitCourse Date
CET824 Basic Optical Engineering2 
CET825 Fibre Lasers for Various Industry Applications1 
CET826 Understanding Fibre Optic Distributed Network for IoT Infrastructure1 
CET827 Fibre based Components for High Speed IoT Applications1 
CET828 Understanding the Principles, Structures, Packaging, Installation and Signal Processing of Optical Fibre Sensing Technology1 
CET829 Engineering Metrology1 
CET830 Optical Fibre Design and Fabrication for High Power Laser and Telecommunication Applications1 
CET831 Lasers and Optics for Smart Manufacturing (I 4.0)- Current Practices and Future Prospects1 
CET832 Laser Manufacturing Processes2 
CET833 Organic Light Emitting Diode Technology for Flat Panel Information Displays1 
CET834 Understanding of basic device structure and operating principles of displays and LEDs1 
CET835 Laser Machining and 3D Printing for Industry0.5 
CET836 Smart Optical Sensors for Smart Manufacturing0.5 
CET765 Lithography Processes for Next Generation of Nano Scale Smart Devices1 
CET837 Bio-imaging1 
  • All courses are approved for SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) course fee funding

There is a growing need for competent, qualified project managers in the sophisticated industries of the 21st century.

The FlexiMasters in Project Management aims to educate project professionals to conceptualize, plan, develop, implement and deliver successful projects. A unique feature of the modules is the Blended Learning mode, where critical self-learning on the job is essential.

CoursesAcademic UnitCourse Date 
MA6081 Fundamentals of Project Management3 
MA6082 Management of Project Plan, Schedule and Resources3 
MA6083 Project Budget and Cost Management3
MA6084 Procurement and Contract Management in Projects3 
MA6085 Organization Culture and Leadership in Projects3 
  • Blended learning
  • All courses are approved for SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) course fee funding
The programme is tailored for practicing engineers, logisticians and information technologists employed (or seeking employment) in Supply Chain, Manufacturing or Logistics sectors.

This programme aims to address the needs of the manufacturing, service and transport sectors with integrated and comprehensive courses in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. The programme aims to equip graduates with the right set of skills to manage end-to-end order fulfillment, including procurement, forecasting, planning and inventory management.

The courses of the programme rely on team-work, hands-on learning, computer game play and company examples and case studies to facilitate the learning.

CoursesAcademic UnitCourse Date
CET857 Warehousing Operations1 
CET858 Global Air Cargo1 
CET859 Multi-modal Transport and Sea Freight Management1 
CET860 Decision Making under Uncertainty1 
CET861 Optimization of Supply and Transportation Networks1 
CET862 Decision Analytics and Applications1 
CET863 Sales and Operations Planning1 
CET864 Resource and Capacity Planning 217, 24, 31 Mar & 7 Apr 2024
CET865 Introduction to Supply Chain Management1 
CET866 Supply Network Design & Inventory Management128 Jan & 4 Feb 2024
CET892 Strategies for Supply Chain Alignment15 & 12 May 2024
CET868 Strategic Sourcing and Procurement2
CET869 Effective Supplier Management & Development1 
  • All courses are approved for SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) course fee funding
Note: Please check individual course closing date. For enquiries about the courses, please email to [email protected]​​
Each course is assigned with an academic unit number, which indicates the amount of learning undertaken and the depth of learning involved. Assessments will be conducted during the session and participants will be graded based on their performance in the assessment. Each completed course is stackable to the FlexiMasters Certificate.​
To be awarded the FlexiMasters Certificate, participants will have to attain a minimal 15 AUs of courses with each course of GPA 2.5 (which is equivalent to a letter grade of C+) and above​.

Participants who completed 9 AUs of coursework with each course of GPA 2.5 and above will be eligible for a Graduate Certificate.

Participants who attain an MAE FlexiMasters may choose to stack it towards a Master’s programme. Upon meeting admission requirements, participants may choose the following pathway:​

FlexiMasters​Stackable To Master's Programme​
FlexiMasters in Project ManagementMSc (Project Management)
FlexiMasters in Supply Chain Engineering​MSc (Supply Chain Engineering)​

Admission to a Full MAE Master’s programme
Participants have to meet all required admission standards of the selected Master’s programme.

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