FlexiMasters (LKCMedicine)

FlexiMasters in Holistic Palliative Care

The FlexiMasters in Holistic Palliative Care supports the growing demand for professional training and manpower development in the palliative care industry, which includes palliative care in hospices, at patient’s home, and healthcare institutions. Palliative care services would include both terminal and end-stage chronic disease patients.

Course Academic UnitCourse Date
MD6101 Foundation of Palliative Medicine35 Aug - 1 Nov 24
MD6102 Foundation of Psychosocial Care and Thanatology311 Nov - 21 Feb 24
MD6103 Foundation of Palliative Care in Practice33 Mar - 30 May 25
MD6201 Advanced Palliative Medicine24 Aug - 31 Oct 25
MD6202 Advanced Psychosocial Care and Thanatology2
10 Nov 25 -
20 Feb 26
MD6203 Advanced Palliative Care in Practice22 Mar - 29 May 26


  • All courses are approved for SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) course fee funding

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Each course is assigned with an academic unit (AU) number, which indicates the amount of learning undertaken and the depth of learning involved. Assessments will be conducted and participants will be graded based on their performance in the assessment. Each completed course is stackable to the FlexiMasters Certificate.

The Holistic Palliative Care Programme (HoPE) is a part-time postgraduate course that is designed to be stackable, so that participants can accumulate their AU along a single training pathway, requiring a minimum GPA of 2.5 (equivalent to a letter grade of C+) or higher. This allows them to graduate with a Graduate Certificate (9 AUs), FlexiMasters (16 AUs) and a Master of Science (MSc) degree in palliative care (15 AUs). Such a stackable programme provides the flexibility to meet different learning needs by allowing participants to exit and re-enter the training pathway within the maximum duration period of each sub-programme (refer to Table 1). The entire training pathway needs to be completed between 3.5 and 7 years.

Table 1. Programme Duration and Academic Units

Programme Title Minimum duration of
completion (year)
Maximum duration of
completion (year)
No of AUs  Accumulated AUs
Graduate Certificate in
Holistic Palliative Care
1 2 9

(after successful completion of the Graduate Certificate)

FlexiMasters in
Holistic Palliative Care
1 2 6

(after successful completion of the Graduate Certificate and FlexiMasters)

MSc in Holistic Palliative Care 1.5 3 15

(after successful completion of the Graduate Certificate, FlexiMasters and Master’s)

Note: The AUs are cumulative as participants progress along the compulsory pathway from Graduate Certificate to FlexiMasters to Master’s programme, i.e. 9 AU + 6 AU + 15 AU. Eligible participants who have successfully accumulated a total of 30 AU will be conferred the Master’s degree in Holistic Palliative Care (HoPE).


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