FlexiMasters (CEE)

FlexiMasters​ in Construction Management

FlexiMasters in Construction Management aims at equipping participants with skills which can be used in the construction industry to aid in project management and other construction activities.

Participants will learn to apply the knowledge in technology applications, project management and decision making techniques to effectively manage projects in the domestic and international construction market.

CoursesAcademic UnitCourse Date
CET809 Construction Management- Principles, planning and practices 114/8/2024 till 18/9/2024
CET810 Construction Management- Costing, estimating and tendering
111/9/2024 till 30/10/2024
CET811 Construction Management- Digital and technological applications, case studies123/10/2024 till 27/11/2024
CET812 Construction Technology- Structural systems; Retaining structures and basement construction methodology and sequence113/8/2024 till 24/9/2024
CET813 Construction Technology- Construction of highrise building and bridges; Structural appraisal and repair process 117/9/2024 till 29/10/2024
CET814 Construction Technology- Recent advances in construction industry construction productivity; Workplace safety and health122/10/2024 till 26/11/2024
CET815 Project Financing- Introduction to corporate finance and project finance, financial ratios and statements 116/8/2024 till 20/9/2024
CET816 Project Financing- Project finance and public private partnership of infrastructure projects 17/9/2024    till 25/10/2024
CET817 Project Financing- Financial model, risk management and case studies of PPP projects 118/10/2024 till 29/11/2024
CET818 International Construction & Marketing- Overview of local and global construction industry, fundamental analysis 112/8/2024 till 16/9/2024
CET819 International Construction & Marketing- Strategic marketing, alliances and partnership for international construction 19/9/2024   till  21/10/2024
CET820 International Construction & Marketing-Opportunities and challenges of construction markets and strategies 114/10/2024 till 25/11/2024
CET821 Information Technology in Construction- ICT and BIM for construction1 
CET822 Information Technology in Construction- BIM tools for architects and engineers1 
CET823 Information Technology in Construction- BIM and Lean construction and IDD1 

Note: Please check individual course closing date. For enquiries about the courses, please email to [email protected]​​

Each course is assigned with an academic unit number, which indicates the amount of learning undertaken and the depth of learning involved. Assessments will be conducted during the session and participants will be graded based on their performance in the assessment. Each completed course is stackable to the FlexiMasters Certificate.​

The FlexiMasters in Construction Management will be awarded to participants who have attain 15 AUs with each course of minimum GPA 2.5 (which is equivalent to a letter grade of C+) and above​ of the selected FlexiMasters and its relevant courses.

To earn a Graduate Certificate in Construction Management, participants will have to complete 9 AUs of coursework with each course of minimum GPA 2.5 and above. 

Participants who attain a CEE FlexiMasters may choose to stack it towards a full Master’s programme. Upon meeting admission requirements, participants may choose the following pathway:​

FlexiMasters​​Stackable To Master's Programme​
FlexiMasters in Construction Management​MSc in International Construction Management

Admission to Master’s programme
Participants have to meet all required admission standards of the selected Master’s programme. 

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