FlexiMasters is a new education platform from NTU that allows learners to build their micro-credentials in specific areas. Depending on the course offered, there are a variety of different ways that FlexiMasters courses are delivered such as:

  1. online
  2. face to face
  3. through a mobile app
  4. at satellite locations 

This allows learners to consider the options that meets their needs and learning requirements, and yet have the flexibility to take any number of courses that interest them. 

Learners may take on courses for personal or professional development or to enhance their academic qualifications. They will be awarded a Statement of Accomplishment on the completion of each course. These courses may be stacked to qualify for a Graduate Certificate, an NTU FlexiMasters Certificate and, where appropriate,  even an NTU Master’s degree.

You may choose from a wide spectrum of multi-disciplinary courses offered by NTU’s colleges, schools, institutes and centres to expand your knowledge and skills at your own time and pace. Each specialisation under FlexiMasters has its own set of prescribed courses. Learners will be able to select their preferred courses based on their choice of specialisations. Each course is assigned a certain number of academic units (AUs). On completing 15 AUs with a minimum GPA of 2.5 for each course (which is equivalent to a letter grade of C+) you will be awarded a FlexiMasters certificate, which is half the academic load of a Master’s programme.*

*Applicable to selected FlexiMasters only

If you choose to apply for an NTU Masters programme, you have the flexibility of stacking credits earned as part of your FlexiMasters specialisation/s, in the relevant specialisation, to qualify for a masters degree. Upon successful admission, simply apply for your credits to be transferred to your chosen programme.

On an average, 30 AUs are needed to qualify for a masters degree. However, these may differ based on your choice of programme. You may apply for the following:

  • Credit transfer of all 15 AUs or less based on relevant guidelines and degree requirements
  • *Credit transfer of 16 AUs with a minimum grade of at least C+ for each course

    *Applicable only in case of certain programmes where learners will be required to complete the remaining 14 AUs of courses AND 2 AUs general elective (compulsory) in order to meet the graduation requirements of the Master’s programme.

Credits may be transferred for a period of up to 5 years from the date of award of the completed course as reflected in your official result slip/transcript.

Course duration can range from two to three days to an entire semester (13 weeks).

The applications for the FlexiMasters are not open all year round. You may register your interest here if your choice of FlexiMasters course(s) is/are not open for application. We will inform you via email once applications open.

Singaporeans and Permanent Residents can enjoy up to 70% of course fee funding, supported by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). Singaporeans aged 40 and above can enjoy subsidies up to 90% of the course fee. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please click here.

From 1 July 2019, NTU alumni may utilise their course credits of S$1,600.00 to co-pay up to 50% of the course fee (exclusive of prevailing GST) payable for courses as direct discounts on SSG-funded courses offered by NTU’s CET units. For more information, please click here.

While no pre-requisites are needed to enrol in the course/s, participants with relevant background and/or experience may have a better understanding of their course content.