Digital Transformation for Strategic Competitiveness

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Digital disruption and technologies continue to drastically alter competitive dynamics across industry and businesses. Digital technologies transform the power balance between customers and business while simultaneously provide opportunities for business disruption. The rules for business success are being rewritten and organizations that do not embrace and embark on digital transformation risk demise.

Strategic transformation initiatives need to be directed from the top and leaders need to build their competence in this area. Core concepts of strategy and leadership while still relevant need to be adapted for relevance in a digital era driving organization success and competitiveness. There is no one formula for success and every organization needs to develop its unique digital strategy and execute it through a managed transformation process. This program aims to provide this content in a succinct and practical approach. Resource materials provided, case studies and frameworks worked on may be taken back for in-company application.

• Understand Digitization & Digital Transformation
• Recognize the Strategic Importance of Digital Transformation
• Overview of Digital Technologies and their Impact on Business Competitiveness Process to Develop a Digital Strategy for Improved Competitiveness
• Learn how to Strategically Lead and Manage a Digital Transformation initiatives

1. What does it mean to be Strategically Competitive? 
2. Appreciate Mega Trends Impacting Leaders and Businesses    
3. Contemporary Strategic Issues that Companies need to deal with in a Digital Era

• Disruption |Cross-Sector Partnerships | Death of Sustained Competitive Advantage | Exponential Growth | Semi-Globalization | etc. 

4. Impact of Digital Technologies on Strategic Competitiveness

• Overview of Major Digital Technologies 
- 3D Printing, AI, IoT, Data Analytics, Robotics and CoBots, VR, AR, etc.   
• Platform Ecosystem - Business Models and Competitive Dynamics 
• Reimagining your Business Boundaries 
- Scope, Model and Ecosystems 
- Value Chains, Operating Models and Channels 
- Acquiring and Engaging Customers   

5. Impact of Digital Technologies on Strategic Competitiveness 

• New Entrants
• New Business Models
• Crossing Industry Boundaries

6. Adapting for Success in a Digital Era 

• Framing the Vision and Purpose for Increased Growth Opportunities
• Step change in customer value creation – Adapting your Value Proposition
• Drive innovation and Rapid Experimentation
• Strategic Leverage of Data
• Leverage Networks
• Align Talent Development with Technology Needs

7. Digital Strategy Formulation Process

• Opportunities Provided from Digital Technologies
• Designing your Digital Competitive Advantage

8. Capabilities and Leadership to Drive Transformation

• Building Digital Capabilities
• Building Leadership Capabilities
• Building a Playbook

9. Digital Transformation 

• Barriers to Transformation
• Key Principle: The Wisdom of Less + Turning the Flywheel
• Successful Transformation Best Practices

10. Culture to Thrive in an era of Disruption


• Case Study – 30%
• Self-Assessment & Small Group Work – 20%
• Lectures – 50%

CIOs, CTOs, Senior Managements, Directors and Entrepreneurs leading digital transformation initiatives within their organisations.

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Dr Kevin Fernando

Fernando, Kevin Vince

Dr. Fernando is a full time industry practitioner, part-time trainer and consultant. His areas of expertise include – global strategy, leadership, operations management organization design and human resource management. His clients have included IHS Energy, SAP China, IJM (Malaysia), APM, Duke-NUS, Sumitomo, Textron, Media Corp, Pfizer, Caltex, Glower Hair Care, SCI, etc. He is the author of 7 books covering topics on Strategy, Strategic Sales Planning, Leadership during Uncertain Times and Strategic HRM. Dr. Fernando brings with him more than 20 years of industrial experience, having worked in Local, Japanese and American multinational companies. He is currently the Vice President for Global Operations for a US$1.4 billion business unit of a US$11 Billion USA multinational. Prior to this, he was the Chief Operating Officer of a Global Multinational with revenues of approximately US$600 million. Dr. Fernando has a DBA from Gibaran Business School (Australia), MBus (Accounting) from Victoria University of Technology (Australia), Masters of Management from University of Southern Queensland (Australia), MBA from University of Leicester (UK) and Graduate Diploma in Management Consulting from Sheffield Hallam University (UK). He has trained at the undergraduate and postgraduate level for a number of Australian, UK and American Universities and Professional bodies.