CET847 Inorganic Materials

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School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)



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The course presents a balanced treatment of descriptive inorganic chemistry that underpins the design and deployment of technological materials.  The goal is to be comprehensive, while remaining understandable to students from diverse scientific and engineering backgrounds. This course begins by revising the construction of atoms and their properties, followed by a systematic analysis of reactivity, stability and properties.  These concepts are illustrated with reference to important classes of industrial materials. 

This course is part of:

- Graduate Certificate in Materials Science and Engineering
- FlexiMasters in Materials Science and Engineering

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Course Availability

  • Date(s): 15 Jan 2024 to 19 Apr 2024

    Venue: NTU Virtual Learning Environment

    Registration Closing Date: 11 Dec 2023

At the end of the course, learners  are able to:

1. Compare and correlate electromagnetic emissions with atomic structure.

2. Explain how polarization, electron affinity and valency determine the relative contribution to bonding characteristics.

3. Describe the characteristics and reactivity of common non-metals and metals.

4. List and analyse non-metal and metal technologies in engineering industry such as thermoelectric, superhard and chalcogenide materials.

1. Fundamental Properties and Principles

2. Non-Metallic Materials 

3. Metallic Materials 

Suitable for professionals working in Engineering, Quality Control, Failure Analysis, Manufacturing and R&D.

Brief screening/shortlist of applicants involved in this course.

Standard Course Fee: S$4,860

SSG Funding Support

Course fee payable after SSG funding, if eligible under various schemes

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Fee AFTER funding & 8% GST

Singapore Citizens (SCs) and Permanent Residents (PRs) (Up to 70% funding)



Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS)


SCs aged ≥ 40 years old
SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES)
(Up to 90% funding)

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Listed courses are:

  • Credit-bearing and stackable to Graduate Certificate in Materials Science and Engineering (total 9AUs) and FlexiMasters in Materials Science and Engineering (total 15AUs).
  • SSG funded and SkillsFuture Credit approved.