Published on 25 Jan 2022

Meet our MSc TIP student, Pamela Yuson!

Pamela Isabel Yuson, MSc Technopreneurship and Innovation Programme (Class of 2022)

Pamela Isabel Yuson, MSc TIP Class of 2022, shared with us about her keenness to develop a strategic mindset and to be equipped with knowledge and skills to better prepare herself for the entrepreneurial journey.

What kickstarted your interest in entrepreneurship?
I wanted to develop a strategic mindset equipped with a wider set of innovation and business skills. Beyond that, I was excited to gain insights and learn from the experiences of like-minded peers.

How has your MSc TIP experience been?
My experience in the program has been transformative. The curriculum has honed me to become more self-disciplined and provided me with the skill sets that I need to thrive in this rapidly changing world.

What insights have you gained from MSc TIP?
I was able to see the beauty of being an entrepreneur wherein it allowed me to explore different possibilities and perspectives. This enabled me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses while embracing challenges and opportunities.

What advice would you have for students interested in this field?
The entrepreneurial journey is a never ending learning process. You must continue to learn and network as much as possible. Networking can open up vast opportunities and not only that, you get to gain lifelong friends too!

What’s next for your journey as an entrepreneur?
The next step in my entrepreneurial journey is to venture out on different environments that will challenge my creative and innovative side while creating an impact on society, whether it may be through creating my own startup or joining a company.


For students like Pamela, who seek to be the navigators of their own enterprise in the future, learn more about our programmes as we continue to cultivate entrepreneurship with a multidisciplinary approach and foster the diversity of ideas.