Published on 07 Jun 2023

Meet our MiE alumnus, Nicholas Teo!

Nicholas Teo

Nicholas spoke to us about his interest in entrepreneurship and his interest to dive deeper into ventures and equity funding for start-ups. He shares about how the Minor in Entrepreneurship (MiE) journey helped him to work towards his goal. 

What kickstarted your interest in entrepreneurship?It began when I came across the television programme, Shark Tank, where small start-ups will pitch to a panel of investors in order to obtain funding for their ventures. It sparked my interest to find out more about the different types of funding that a venture can seek, and the different strategies that a start-up can use in order to be ahead of their competition.

How has your MiE experience been?It was an enriching experience learning from professors with vast knowledge on entrepreneurship with many past ventures under their belt, and interacting with successful founders through the networking sessions organised by NTUpreneur.

What insights have you gained from MiE?
I have learned to conceptualise pitch presentations that are effective in bringing the ideas and beliefs of the team across to the audience as well as investors. In addition, I am able to understand the needs and thinking process of an investor when it comes to funding a venture.

What advice would you have for students interested in this field?The rigor of starting a venture is never easy but if you explore every last opportunity that is available, you might find one that leads you to the path of success.

What’s next for your journey as an entrepreneur?
After taking the Minor in Entrepreneurship (MiE), I am interested in diving deeper into ventures and equity funding for start-ups in a venture capital.

For students like Nicholas, who has a growing interest in the field of start-ups, learn more about our programmes as we continue to cultivate entrepreneurship with a multidisciplinary approach and foster the diversity of ideas.

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