Published on 10 Aug 2022

Meet our OEP alumna, Alicia Rosabee Wu!

Alicia Wu, NTU MSE alumna, Overseas Entrepreneurship Programme (OEP) in Denmark, January 2022

Our OEP (Jan 2022) student, Alicia Wu, shared how the overseas experience brought her closer to Danish culture and equipped her with skills necessary to thrive in a highly competitive industry.

What kickstarted your interest in entrepreneurship?

Watching my father run his own business got me interested in entrepreneurship.

How has your OEP experience been?

Through my internship in Denmark, I have learnt more about the host environment, their cultures, and habits. Initially, it was a challenge to integrate myself and make friends as Danes usually kept to themselves. However, I was lucky to have nice colleagues who would allow me to join  their after-work activities. This has allowed me to converse with them and learn about their experiences and connect with them on a deeper level.

What insights have you gained from OEP?

OEP has allowed me to experience the difficulties of meeting clients’ demands and understand the importance of having frequent discussions between departments. You should plan thoroughly, especially if clients are involved. The plan itself should also be communicated effectively to the company.

What advice would you have for students interested in this field?

Do ample research on the host country you are ahead for and be prepared to face challenges alone. There will be instances where you must move out of your comfort zone and interact with people.

What’s next for your journey as an entrepreneur?

I will continue to seek the advice of my mentors in Denmark. In addition, I plan to shadow my father at work to better understand customer interactions. 

For students like Alicia, who seek to be the navigators of their own enterprise in the future, learn more about our programmes as we continue to cultivate entrepreneurship with a multidisciplinary approach and foster the diversity of ideas.

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