Published on 01 Aug 2023

His Excellency Jamal Abdulla AlSuwaidi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Singapore visited NCPA


On 13 July 2023, NCPA was honoured to welcome His Excellency Mr Jamal Abdulla AlSuwaidi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Singapore. 

Professor Liu Hong, Associate Vice President, International and Director of NCPA (Research and EDP), NTU, held a meeting with His Excellency and his colleague, joined by Dr Dai Shiyan, Deputy Director of NCPA and Ms Kathryne Yew, Senior Assistant Director. 

In his introduction, Prof Liu shared NCPA’s development since its inception and the core programmes offered, with a focus on the institute’s progress in four aspects namely, graduate programmes, executive development programmes, Lien Ying Chow Legacy Fellowship programmes, and research programmes.

He also shared NCPA’s active involvement in key initiatives associated with the Belt and Road initiative (BRI), showcasing NCPA's dedication to promoting good public governance and international cooperation.

His Excellency, equally ardent in his engagement, expressed a profound interest in cultivating deeper collaborations between the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, and China. 

He lauded NCPA for its commendable accomplishments and unwavering dedication in this domain, recognising the institution’s pivotal role in fostering meaningful partnerships and equipping both government officials and top business leaders from the UAE with valuable insights into the region's dynamics and opportunities.

Both parties expressed the unified vision of establishing transformative collaborations in the higher educational and leadership endeavours in the UAE, through initiating public governance and administration programmes and research for strengthening bilateral growth, international cooperation, and collective progress.

This strategic alliance will forge connections in executive development training and research collaboration between Singapore, the UAE, and China. By leveraging their strengths and resources, all parties are dedicated to promoting good governance, fostering cultural exchange, and facilitating a meaningful exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences among the participating nations.

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