Adjunct Assistant Professor Derrick Fam

Scientist III
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR

Current Research Interests
Dr. Derrick Fam’s research interest is in the design and development of multifunctional and sustainable energy storage materials to achieve space and weight efficiencies, at a systemic level, for portable electronics, wearables, and electrified transportation. His group has been working extensively in structurally robust and sustainable polymer and composite ionic conductors for their application in the rechargeable battery and supercapacitor space. 

Biographical Information
Dr. Derrick Fam obtained his Bachelor of Engineering and Doctorate from the School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), NTU, in 2006 and 2012, respectively. After a two-year stint as a research fellow with MSE in the CREATE-HUJI-NTU programme, he was awarded the A*STAR International Fellowship (A*IF) and did his postdoctoral research in Imperial College London in 2014, working on structural supercapacitors. In 2016, he returned to Singapore and assumed the role of a scientist in the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR.  He is currently serving as the Programme Director for the Structural Power for portable and electrified transportation (AME programme) that is focused on developing structural batteries for various applications. 

Selected Publications

1. “Macroscopic Assembly of Sericin toward Self-Healable Silk”. Biomacromolecules (2021), 22(10), 4337-4346. Hoyoung Lee, Dowon Ahn, Eunyoung Jeon, Derrick Wen Hui Fam, Joonseok Lee, & Won Jun Lee

2. “Halide Salt-Catalyzed Crosslinked Polyurethanes for Supercapacitor Gel Electrolyte Applications”. ChemSusChem (2021), 14(16), 3237-3243. Sheau Wei Chen, Jacob J. M. Tay, Celestine P. T. Chee, Xian Jun Loh, Derrick W. H. Fam, & Jason Y. C. Lim

3. “Elucidating the relationship between mechanical properties and ionic conductivity in a highly conductive gel polymer electrolyte”. Materials Letters (2021), 294, 129789. Xing Zhang, Shiujia Liu, Yuanhan Zheng, Xueqi Koh, Qi Feng Lim, Mohit Sharma, & Derrick Wen Hui Fam

4. “String of pyrolyzed ZIF-67 particles on carbon fibers for high-performance electrocatalysis”. Energy Storage Materials (2020), 25, 137-144. Bing Li, Kosuke Igawa, Jianwei Chai, Ye Chen, Yong Wang, Derrick Wenhui Fam, Nguk Neng Tham, Tao An, Takumi Konno, Anqi Sng, Zhaolin Liu, Hua Zhang, & Yun Zong

5. “Rational design of a high-energy LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 cathode for Li-ion batteries”. Solid State Ionics (2018), 323, 72-77. Ning Ding, Xianjun Wang, Yinglan Hou, Suxi Wang, Xu Li, Derrick Wen Hui Fam, Yun Zong, & Zhaolin Liu

6. “Electrophoretic deposition of graphene-related materials: A review of the fundamentals”. Progress in Materials Science (2016), 82, 83-117. Mani Diba, Derrick W. H. Fam, Aldo R. Boccaccini, & Milo S. P. Shaffer

7. “Hierarchically porous carbon foams from pickering high internal phase emulsions”. Carbon (2016), 101, 253-260.
Robert T. Woodward, Derrick W.H. Fam, David B. Anthony, Jindui Hong, Tom O. McDonald, Camille Petit, Milo S. P. Shaffer, & Alexander Bismarck

8. “Novel felt pseudocapacitor based on carbon nanotube/metal oxides”. Journal of Materials Science (2015), 50(20), 6578-6585. Fam Derrick, Azoubel Sue, Liu Liang, Huang Jingfeng, Mandler Daniel, Magdassi Shlomo, & Tok Alfred

9. “The mechanism of graphene oxide as a growth template for complete reduced graphene oxide coverage on an SiO2 substrate”. Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2014), 2(1), 109-114. Jingfeng Huang, Derrick Fam, Qiyuan He, Hu Chen, Da Zhen, Steve H. Faulkner, Myra A. Nimmo, & Alfred Iing Yoong Tok

10. “The extended growth of graphene oxide flakes using ethanol CVD”. Nanoscale (2013), 5(7), 2945-2951. Jingfeng Huang, Melanie Larisika, W. H. Derrick Fam, Qiyuan He, Myra A. Nimmo, Christoph Nowak, & I. Y. Alfred Tok