Published on 17 Jun 2023

Celebrating Excellence and Milestones: LKCMedicine’s Homecoming and Graduation Dinner 2023

LKCMedicine came alive with laughter, music and good vibes on the evening of June 16 as the School hosted its highly anticipated Homecoming and Graduation Dinner. It was an occasion to celebrate the graduating Class of 2023, as well as for LKCMedicine alumni from the previous five cohorts to soak up the memories and reflect on their growth from medical students to full-fledged doctors,

Over 200 alumni, graduating students, LKCMedicine Governing Board, leadership, faculty, staff, partners and donors filled the grounds of the Novena Campus. Hosted by Guest-of-Honour, Chairman of LKCMedicine Governing Board Lim Chuan Poh and Dean Professor Joseph Sung, the event kicked off with a rousing dance performance by the School’s Students’ Medical Society (LKCMedSoc).

Prof Sung proceeded to welcome the guests, taking the opportunity to express his gratitude to the School’s tapestry of support – faculty, staff, hospital partners and donors – for their dedication in bringing LKCMedicine to new heights and in nurturing the students.

Reflecting on the School’s growth from a fledgeling medical school to an internationally renowned one, Prof Sung specially thanked the alumni for ensuring that LKCMedicine’s torch burns bright even after they have graduated.


“We often hear from consultants and senior consultants that our graduates are very good doctors who are clinically competent, and that they are doctors with the skills and heart.”

This sentiment of celebration and appreciation was mirrored in Mr Lim’s address.

Acknowledging the pandemic-imposed difficulties faced by the Class of 2023, who will be the sixth cohort to graduate from LKCMedicine, he said: “You have worked hard, persevered and have shown unwavering commitment and dedication during the pandemic. While that period may have been extremely challenging, I have no doubt that it has toughened you and added further meaning and significance to your new role as doctors.”


Making the Homecoming and Graduation Dinner more memorable, Mr Lim congratulated LKCMedSoc for their 10th anniversary and undertaking a wide-range of community initiatives, signature events and student-interest projects, which have been vital in strengthening the School’s “esprit de corps”. (Click here to read Mr Lim’s full speech.)

One of the evening’s highlights was the prize presentation for the Class of 2023. This year saw a total of nine prizes, an addition of five new prizes made possible by the generosity and support of the School’s benefactors. Created to recognise the outstanding achievements of students in specific areas of study, the new categories are: Chay Oh Moh Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Paediatrics; College of Ophthalmologists National Ophthalmology Research Prize; Ho Tew Hong Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology; Kanwaljit Soin Prize in Orthopaedics; and Society of Infectious Disease (Singapore) Prize.

As the winners of the respective awards were announced, alumni, students and guests burst into resounding applause and cheer.


“I am grateful that my peers recognised and appreciated the work I did for them as a M4 batch representative and that I was able to push through some of the initiatives, such as introducing an online directory that consolidated updates on academic matters,” shared Dr Oh Hui Xin (Class of 2023), winner of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore Medal for Outstanding Leadership.

Dr Evan Tan (Class of 2023), winner of the College of Physicians Prize in Internal Medicine, was equally effusive about receiving his award. “I did not expect it, but I am definitely happy that there is some fruition to my hard work. Internal medicine is a core part of the curriculum so winning this award is a high honour and it is an encouragement to work harder and do better in the future.”

It was not just the graduating students who were filled with pride about their achievements. Alumni, too, were delighted to see their juniors fulfil their potential and begin a new chapter.

“Being able to see them take the stage and now [work] at hospitals is really heartwarming, especially knowing that LKCMedicine has been doing well and producing graduates who are always on top of their game and who will be doing excellent work as House Officers. It is a really proud moment,” remarked Dr Aaron Goh Qi Yang (Class of 2021).

While invitees mingled and dined, they were also treated to performances throughout the evening, ranging from NTU Symphony Orchestra’s rendition of Mozart’s and Vivaldi’s compositions to pop songs by LKCMedSoc’s very own talented singers and musicians. This was complemented by a spectacular lightshow on the HQ building, illuminating it in a kaleidoscope of stunning lights and images of LKCMedicine students and activities over the years.


Taking in her surroundings, Dr Parthasarathy Sreemathy (Class of 2022) said: “It feels like nothing has changed even though it has been so long since we left LKCMedicine. Our times studying in the library together, playing table tennis at level eight, and playing in interschool games feel so recent! I wish I could relive those memories.”

Adding to the festivities of the evening, guests were given the opportunity to participate in a lucky draw where they stood a chance to win five exciting prizes, including a staycation at one of Singapore’s five-star hotels.

As the evening drew to a close and guests gathered for a group photo, the sense of camaraderie and pride within the LKCMedicine community was palpable.

Dr Aaron Goh noted: “Beyond the campus and the school walls we studied in, it has always been about the community. That is what I was reminded about today. It is heartwarming reconnecting with my batchmates, seniors who have shown me the path and juniors whom I have had the opportunity to journey with along the way.”


This year’s Homecoming truly served as a reminder of the collective achievements and the bright future that lies ahead for both alumni and graduating students.

The full list of award categories and winners is as follows:


Name of AwardStudent Winner
Academy of Medicine, Singapore Medal for Outstanding Leadership
Oh Hui Xin
Chay Oh Moh Prize For Outstanding Achievement in Paediatrics
Angela Tham
College of Family Physicians Singapore Prize in Family Medicine
Chan Gerald
College of Ophthalmologists National Ophthalmology Research Prize
Grace Chua Hui Zheng
College of Physicians Prize in Internal Medicine
Tan Tsien Ming, Evan
Ho Tew Hong Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Wai Jia Yan
Kanwaljit Soin Prize in Orthopaedics
Ramanathan s/o Periakaruppan
Singapore Medical Association Prize for Best Scholarly Project
Kenneth Loi Zhi Kuan
Society of Infectious Disease (Singapore) Prize
Klay Lim Puay Khim