Published on 04 Dec 2019

​MAE Staff Award 2019

MAE would like to congratulate and thank the following staff for their contibutions to the school. In recognition of their contributions, the following staff were presented with the MAE Staff Award on Friday, 8 November 2019.

Admin Staff
Ms Eileen Yap Hui En
Associate Chair (Students) Office

Ever since Eileen joined MAE , she has created a series of new initiatives, generating valuable output for the unit and the school in terms of outreach, admission, and branding. Many firsts happened because of eileen’s motivation and fast acting nature. For instance  First MAE townhall meeting, First MAE network night, First campus-held MAE open house,  The first cost recovery visit tour and The first MAE industry day 2019. With Eileen exceptional positive working attitude, she played an impactful role in ensuring the successful execution of these initiatives, of which the school has benefited greatly, thanks to her efforts.

Mr Koh Wee Hock
Associate Chair (Students) Office

Mr Koh has been a stable in MAE, providing core strength to the student population, and creating a trusting environment for the school students. Mr Koh also provide administrative support for mentorship scheme, building rapport with students to continuously running the peer tutoring program successful for so many years. Thanks to Mr Koh selfless contribution in supporting the heart of MAE community, this programme have become an integral part of the culture of MAE.

Mr Cheong Wei Lun
Chair's Office

Wei Lun has displayed a rare willingness to contribute and do more for the school when he was approached to shoulder two major portfolios, Chair's office and the Hp Corp lab. . He also started ground-up initiatives that brought much publicity and tangible benefits to the school. 

Ms Wee Juan Eng, Jean
Associate Chair (Academic) Office

Jean had been a great support in the ACA office. Be it an accreditation, conductance of quarantine and other exams, marks processing, etc., she had readily offered her service and advice.

Juliana Binte Jaapar
Associate Chair (Academic) Office

Juliana facilitates our PhD students’ journey by effectively administering their admission, scholarships and course registration. She also contributes in matters pertaining to student progression and PhD confirmation, amongst other duties. She is a strong team player and an effective administrator who can counted on to deliver quality work.

Ms Toh Siew Fen
Administration Office (Facilities Unit)

Siew Fen is always very willing to take up additional duties and learn new things beyond her job scope. She has given all the logistics support in organizing the Global Link Singapore 2019 which enable the school to make net profit of $30,000 in 2019. During the PDV renovation, she had attended to many individual room requests and solved most of the problems.

Ms Shanthy d/o Valayutham
Administration Office

Shanthy has been very helpful and resourceful in doing work beyond her job scope. She has given all the administration support and taking care of Hwa Chong Institution students during the Global Link Singapore 2019 (GLS 2019). Together with Siew Fen, both of them are the only 2 operational staff who worked with external parties in running the GLS 2019. She is a member of the Safety committee and MAE staff bonding team.

Ms Goh Theng Theng
Chair's Office (Personnel Unit)

Theng Theng has been a great support for MAE ever since she joined in 2018. She also took on additional responsibility willingly that is outside her job scope during the period of manpower changes in the personnel unit. Her resourcefulness and resilience contributed greatly in resolving numerous issues, especially during the performance appraisal period in 2019.

Ms Leong Yuit Lin
Associate Chair (Research) Office

Yuit Lin takes charge of the School’s research driver data management including research projects and research output database. She also handles the School’s Tier 1 journal recommendation list and liaises with TRACS for timely updates. She meticulously carries out her duties with high level of diligence despite her significantly heavier workload, due to the exponential growth of research activities in the School.

Mr Yeo Boon Chuan Edward
Energy Systems Laboratory

Edward Yeo leads both the Energy Systems Lab and the Sembcorp Marine Lab, and he has performed well consistently with high quality work outputs. He always makes it a point to go the extra mile to engage all stakeholders and ensure that all the projects runs successfully and smoothly.

Mr Kong Seng Ann
Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

Seng Ann demonstrated strong leadership to manage and plan for the lab teaching duties as well as preparation work required for supporting teaching. He displays high customer service orientation by ensuring that instructions are communicated effectively to guide students in lab experiments.

Mr Samuel Ho
Precision Engineering Laboratory

Samuel carried out all teaching duties with dedication and enthusiasm. He has also developed capabilities to ensure timely execution of tender process via Ariba system. He is always a positive influence to his fellow colleagues with his excellent and “can-do” work attitude. 

Mr Justus Tai
Mechanics & Optical Engineering Cluster

Dr Tai  has _shown excellent  managerial skills in ensuring the I laboratories under his care are smoothly run. He adopts a meticulous and pro-active approach in his work, actively looking for ways to improve the conditions in the laboratories. He has put in place and enforced a safety system in the Metrology Laboratory and increased laboratory space through reorganization and renovation works. Dr Tai is active in other activities outside the laboratories, such as being the regulatory manager of the MAE Safety Committee and Deputy Leader of the Evacuation Coordination Team.

Mr Tan Ngee Kwan
Mechanics of Materials Laboratory

Mr Tan has excellent leadership skill. The technicians in the Mechanics of Materials under his charge are highly cohesive and are able to work closely with one another. The laboratory runs smoothly and is highly well maintained. Apart from the laboratory, Mr Tan has also involved himself in other activities such as being an active member of the MAE Safety Committee and leading a team of technical executives to fulfil the goals in the vision plan of the university. 

Ms Kerh Geok Hong Wendy
Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory

Wendy is always ready to take up new challenges and learn new technical and software skills. She very customer service oriented and is always keen and helpful to students queries. She is a member of the Staff welfare committee and MAE staff bonding team.

Ms Ho Foon Siew
Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory

Foon Siew is attentive and resourceful in helping students and staff with their queries, receiving consistently very good feedback over the years, enabling the desired learning outcomes to be achieved. She is also constantly upgrading herself in acquiring new technical and software skills top better serve MAE community.

Assoc Prof Hirotaka Sato
Provost's Chair in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Prof Hiro is instrumental in winning the contract to organize Global Link Singapore (GLS) conference for 3 years. As a result, school is able to make net profit of $90,000 or more for the next 3 years. The net profit made is used to improve the staff welfare of the staff and infrastructure of the school. The school was able to win this contract over from NUS because Prof Hiro had invested in many hours of negotiation with the organiser. GLS is a platform which will enable NTU to reach out to international and local students.

Assoc Prof Yeo Swee Hock

Prof Yeo demonstrated patience and selfless in his dedication to handling Corporate  Lab matters, in representation of other faculty members.

Assoc Prof Ong Lin Seng

Prof Ong led the School’s effort in preparing for accreditation of BEng (ME) programme. This involved in working with his committee members, getting the reports ready, preparing documents for the visit, etc. In the end, the programme did receive full accreditation.

Assoc Prof Ng Heong Wah

Since 2015, Prof Ng had mentored and led MAE students to take part in Shell Eco Marathon Asia competitions and won at least 12 awards. In the most recent competition, i.e. Shell’s Eco Marathon Asia competition 2019, Prof Ng and team had won 2 Gold prizes and clinched 1st position in Regional Driver's World Championship. Prof Ng is a strong advocate of experiential education. He is also the professor-in-charge of the innovation Laboratory, which provides an excellent platform for building innovative products, including solar cars for the Shell’s Eco Marathon competition. 

Assoc Prof Chen Chun-Hsien

Over the past 13 years, Prof Chen led Design Stream and Mechatronics Stream students to take part in international competitions and had won at least 13 awards, including Gold and Excellent Prizes. In order to let our Design Stream students to appreciate real life industrial design problems, Prof Chen also engaged the industry, locally and internationally, to provide and sponsor case studies for our students to work on. The participating companies included large international corporations such as Toshiba of Japan, Wincor Nixdorf of Germany and Dell computers, and local listed company such as Stamford Tyres.