Published on 25 Jan 2022

NTUpreneur Alexander Lim shares how OEP boost his confidence to be an entrepreneur

Alexander shares how OEP in USA had exceeded his expectations by providing him with a plethora of knowledge, bolstering his confidence in becoming an entrepreneur.

NTUpreneur Alexander LimWhat kickstarted your interest in entrepreneurship?
Being surrounded by people with great ideas influenced me to venture beyond my comfort zone and start exploring my interests.

How has your OEP experience been?
It has been really positive. Through OEP, I was able to pick up skills beyond my school curriculum which enhanced my experience.

What insights have you gained from OEP?
Through working in a start-up, I learned more about day-to-day operations and became equipped with management skills. 

What advice would you have for students interested in this field?
Keep an open mind and build your network.

What’s next for your journey as an entrepreneur?
I believe it is time to explore different business ideas and network with fellow entrepreneurs.

 “Fulfilling and enriching”

For students like Alexander, who are unafraid of challenges and have exciting aspirations, learn more about our programmes as we continue to cultivate entrepreneurship with a multidisciplinary approach and foster the diversity of ideas.