Published on 02 Oct 2023

Dr Pham Quang Cuong founded Eureka Robotics to improve manufacturing processes

Eureka Robotics is an NTU tech spin-off that uses disruptive technologies like robotics and AI to improve manufacturing processes.

Dr Pham, founder of Eureka Robotics

1. Share with us your success journey

In 2013, I was a faculty member at NTU's School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and a member of a research group specialising in enhancing industrial robots with a sense of vision and touch, making them adaptable and intelligent.

Recognising a high industrial demand for our technology in 2018, we seized the opportunity to create a spin-off.

Today, as CEO of Eureka Robotics, I oversee key corporate decisions, operations, and resources.

2. What would be your greatest achievement?

As a lifelong science enthusiast, I've had the chance to be at the frontier of Science and apply it to practical solutions.

Our technology has been integrated into robots worldwide, enhancing productivity and improving the quality of life in factories across the globe, spanning Singapore, China, and Japan. 

These robots alleviate workers from dull and repetitive tasks, collectively executing over 1.2 million monthly operations across multiple factories.

3. Share words of advice to other faculty members

Don't hesitate to pursue a spin-off company if you believe your science and technology can make an impact. 

NTU offers a wealth of resources and support from individuals with entrepreneurship experience to assist your success journey!