Lean Launch Pad (LLP)

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19 Jun 2023 - 08 Aug 2023 Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Prospective Students
Organised by:
NTU I&E - Rahman

The LLP 2.0 programme is an experiential learning opportunity designed in two distinct phases, each lasting six weeks.

  1. Discovery
    Participants will be introduced to key concepts and tools of the Lean Methodology. They will understand the technology commercialisation process through customer discovery, enabling them to identify potential markets.

  2. Endeavour
    This phase is intended to help teams that have demonstrated market validation work on developing product-market fit and their business model.

Throughout the programme, an instructor will lead and guide the participants, and mentors will offer additional support. The programme structure includes boot camps, deep dives, workshops, and panel reviews where participants can receive feedback on their progress and refine their strategies.

Additionally, a pre-programme assessment will determine which phase is most appropriate for each team, depending on their stage of development and readiness. Overall, the programme provides a comprehensive and flexible learning opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to launch successful ventures.