About Us

Innovation is at the heart of NTU’s vision to advance Singapore’s economy and enhance lives. As a young university, NTU has made remarkable strides in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Looking towards 2025, NTU aims to establish itself as a leading innovation hub for investors and companies by fostering an environment of experimentation and risk-taking for future leaders to solve real-world challenges.

At NTU I&E, future leaders can look forward to enriching their entrepreneurial mindset and deepening skills through our holistic education and experiential learning programmes. They can leverage available resources at NTU makerspaces, consult our experienced team of venture builders or visit the one-stop concierge service to accelerate their startup ambitions. 

Through a collective effort across various NTU innovation drivers, we aspire to surpass established frontrunners in innovation and become a globally recognised university for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Professor Louis Phee
Vice President (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)  
Acting Chairman of NTUitive