About Port63 Challenge

The Port63 Challenge 2023 – Ideas Unlimited! outlines a structural and experiential approach to train and nurture young entrepreneurial talents to find creative and socially impactful solutions to real-world industry problems.

NTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) collaborated with corporate partners from Algo Foundry, Algorand Foundation, AlphaTrio Sustainable Technology Fund, Century City Group, Infracrowd Capital, and SG Enable to invite groundbreaking solutions for challenge statements under three thematic pillars, namely, Web 3.0, Sustainability, and Tech For Social Good. More than 40 teams and close to 130 participants from NTU and partnering Institutes of Higher Learning and Polytechnics participated in the challenge.

The Final Pitch Day for the inaugural challenge was held on Thursday, 14 September at NTU@One-North, with 16 exciting pitches from our finalist teams and thought-provoking yet insightful Q&A sessions with our esteemed panel of Judges, comprising of NTU professors, corporate partners and, and experts in the relevant field.

This event marks only the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey of our participants. At NTU I&E, we hope to nurture the development of promising teams and work alongside with our corporate partners to bring these solutions to life.

Interested in becoming a partner for the next Port63 Challenge? Reach us at [email protected] to explore collaboration opportunities.



Watch the video highlights of the Final Pitch Day here!

Winning Teams of 2023

Extending our hearty congratulations to the winners! Click to find out more about the teams.

Photos from the Final Pitch Day!

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