ASEAN-India Crystallographic School

13 Oct 2022 at 09.30 AM - 18 Oct 2022 at 04.00 PM Current Students, Industry/Academic Partners, Public

         ASEAN-India Crystallographic school

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Dates: 13th,14th, 17th and 18th Of October 2022
Level: Users of, or those interested in, small-molecule crystallography
Location: FACTS @ ABN B4, TELS room in NTU, Singapore

ASEAN-India Crystallographic School Instructors
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Course Description:

This 4-day beginner workshop will provide knowledge and training in small-molecule crystallography and is open for all.

Your 3 instructors have over 35 years of experience in crystallography and will guide you from collecting data all the way through to publishing the crystallographic information file. Mornings will be theoretical, while afternoons are reserved for practical’s centered around giving you the hands-on experience needed to feel confident running and analysing your own crystals. A detailed timetable can be found below.
This course will be supplemented by a future, separate advanced course that will cover twinning, disorder and difficult structures. Our intention is that this beginner course will give you the foundations to collect good data and solve the majority of structures, while the future advanced course will give you the know how to tackle any crystallographic problem.

This beginner workshop is also being replicated in Shiv Nadar, Institution of Eminence, NCR India in November. Please stay tuned for more information should you wish to attend in India rather than Singapore.


Please apply through the link below, registration is limited to 20 people to maintain a low tutor/student ratio required for high-quality teaching. Payment will be through Nanyang Technological University Materials Science and Engineering department and only serves to cover the cost of the workshop, lunches (including Halal and vegetarian options) and afternoon tea, it does not cover accommodation or transport to/from NTU. For international applicants, we can provide invitations required for visa entries and certificates of completion after the course.

There will be a dinner on Monday 17th evening for the participants should they wish to come, if you do, please pay the $110 option. It is highly encouraged, as crystallography is a small community, and so getting to know your colleagues, peers and tutors is the best way to solve your future crystallographic problems. The dinner will have vegetarian options but we cannot guarantee Halal food.

Please email any dietary requirements to [email protected] and [email protected].

Payment Instructions: To pay, please go to the link below, select 'Payment (Alumni/Public/Staff)'. Then from the drop down menu please select 'ASEAN-India Crystallographic School' for the school registration only ($100 SGD), or 'ASEAN-India Crystallographic School w/Dinner' for the school registration fee and school dinner ($110 SGD), held on Monday 17th evening.

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Please bring your own laptop for the course, with Bruker Apex4, Olex2 (including shelx) and Mercury by CCDC installed. Links to which can be found below: (Please download Mercury (Including enCIFer))

Getting here:

We recommend you stay in the west of Singapore with easy access to the East-West Green MRT line. The nearest station to NTU is ‘Pioneer’, at which you take the Campus Rider bus onto campus (free), getting off at the 3rd stop and making your way to Academic Building North Level B4 (which is actually the ground floor). Genting hotel at ‘Jurong East’ is on the East-West Green MRT line and has good reviews, we advise staying there if possible.

Getting to FACTS:
FATCS is split across two sites located next to each other, one in Academic Building North Level B4 (61 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637335) and one in building N4.1 Materials Science and Engineering Level B4 (50 Nanyang Avenue, North Spine, Block N4.1-B4-10, Singapore 639798). We will be using Academic Building North to lecture and N4.1 to do practicals in. Please report to Academic building north on the first day.

Getting to NTU Guide:,take%20you%20in%20to%20NTU.

Possible Accommodation:
Genting Hotel, Jurong:


The ASEAN-India Crystallographic School is kindly sponsored by Bruker Inc, NTU, Shiv Nadar Institute of Eminence and the Chapter of Singapore Crystallographers.