EG5003 Product Development Challenge [APPLICATION CLOSED]

Dear Students,

School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering is offering EG5003 Product Development Challenge in Semester 2, AY2022-23.

This course is a 3 AU course and is offered as an Unrestricted Elective (UE) / Broadening Electives (BDE) to Year 2 & 3 Engineering Students.

Please find the course description below for your reference.

The objective of EG5003 is for you to undertake a sizeable project which will challenge you to utilize your knowledge in different areas of engineering to analyse, design and construct a predetermined product within a specified timeframe. You will learn to identify your own problems and seek your own solutions to execute the project, beyond the prescription of lectures and textbooks.

The course involve you working as part of a team, to execute a project, which may be pre-defined or self-proposed.

Important notes:

  1. This course only applies to current Year 2 and 3 Engineering Students.
  2. Students pursuing Professional Internship are not allowed to take this course unless approval from their internship company supervisor and CAO are obtained.
  3. S/U option is not applicable for this course.
  4. Admission to this course will be subjected to interview.
  5. Course instructors will form the group members.

Students who are interested, you may click here to submit an application.  Closing date for applications is 9 Dec 2022.

Shortlisted students will be informed of the interview details by Early December 2022 via email.

Tentatively, the interview (online) will be held in Mid – End December 2022.

Registration of the course will be done by MAE before the commencement of AY2022-23 Semester 2 for successful applicants.

For further enquiries related to EG5003, you may send an email to Prof John Heng ([email protected]) or Prof Andy ([email protected]).

Thank you for your kind attention.

School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


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EG5003 Product Development Challenge, Academic Year 2022-23 Semester 2
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