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A Hotbed for Student Creativity and Innovation
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Next generation of engineering solutions calls for a multidisciplinary approach to design user-centric products, with consideration of ethical issues and human factors. In partnership with James Dyson Foundation, the Dyson-NTU Studio was established to provide students the opportunity to design and develop ground-breaking solutions that address real-world problems and challenges, and to inspire the next generation of design engineers.

Since the launch in August 2018, the studio has seen many students graduate from the Product Development Challenge (PDC) module. Apart from the opportunity of being mentored by Dyson engineers and NTU Professors, on effective ways to problem solve, students will also be able to enhance their prototyping techniques – an integral process to translating ideas into viable solutions.

Beyond the PDC, the Studio also acts as a makerspace and encourages interdisciplinary students to come together, network and problem-solve. Facilities such as 3D printers, metal cutting tools, soldering stations and metrological devices are available on-site to support the students’ design, build and test process throughout their innovation journey.

Design Engineering is all about identifying gaps, opportunities and designing solutions to real-world problems. We hope the Dyson-NTU studio will inspire more students about good design and engineering practice.

Assistant Professor Chan Wai Lee
Dyson-NTU Studio
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore