The SMRT Engineering Excellence Endowment

The SMRT Professorship in Transportation Studies was established in 2000 with a donation of $1.5 million from SMRT. Its objective was to attract leading academics and professionals from around the world in the field of transportation to enhance NTU’s reputation as a leading institution in transportation studies and research.

Since its inception, the SMRT Professorship focused on solely funding Visiting Professors to Singapore. Four highly reputed Professors in Transport Engineering had visited CEE and they shared their experience in relation to how transportation studies and research could be further enhanced in NTU. These Professors were Prof Tony Ridley, Imperial College, UK, Prof Vukan R Vuchic, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, Prof Tony May, University of Leeds, UK and Prof Graham Victor Currie of Monash University, Australia.

Under the new name, the Fund will also be used for funding REP Scholarships, research and final year projects that are closely related to the “Transportation Engineering” field.