Applying for seeNTU

Application for seeNTU 2024 has closed. The application outcome will be released on 15 April 2024.

Do watch the video and look through the relevant information below to understand more about the programme.



26 Feb - 15 Mar 2024   (3:00 pm)Application PeriodStudents to apply via the application link
15 Apr 2024Release of Application OutcomeseeNTU Teacher Coordinator to inform students of their application outcome
18 Apr 2024Submission of seeNTU Acceptance Package Students to submit the seeNTU Acceptance Package to their seeNTU Teacher Coordinator
Early May 2024Payment of Module FeeseeNTU Teacher Coordinator to advise students of the payment procedures
27 May - 31 May 2024seeNTU Students to look out for email updates closer to the commencement of seeNTU

seeNTU 2024 runs from 27 May - 31 May 2024. A total of 15 modules will be conducted over the 5 days.

Click on the notepad below for the seeNTU 2024 Module Synopses - a detailed write-up of the modules on offer.

Students may choose to sign up for multiple modules as long as there are no overlaps in the timing of the modules they opt for. All applications received will be sent to the respective schools' seeNTU Teacher Coordinator for endorsement and recommendation. 

Placement into a module is subject to place availability as well as endorsement by the school. Should a module be oversubscribed, priority will be given to JC2/Year 6 students and academic merit will be taken into consideration. The application outcome will be released through an email in mid-April.

Students need to think through and indicate their module choice(s) carefully during the application. When the application outcome is released, students will not be asked to confirm their acceptance of the module(s) they have been placed into, i.e. the placement is final and students are liable to pay the corresponding course fee. 

Students can speak with their seeNTU Teacher Coordinator should they have any queries. 

The fee per module is $20. Students will be billed based on the number of modules they have been placed into and they will be informed of the payment procedures by their school. 

Do note that in the event that a student is unable to attend a module that he/she has been placed into, there will be no reversal of the module fee regardless of the reason for his/her absence. 

1)  When will the application for seeNTU opens?

The application for seeNTU will open in late February / early March. 

2) ​ Who is eligible to apply for seeNTU?

Application is open to all JC1, JC2, Year 5, and Year 6 students. Do check with your school’s seeNTU Teacher Coordinator if you meet your school's criteria to sign up for seeNTU modules.

3)  What are the criteria for selection?

  • School's recommendation. Only students who have received their school’s endorsement and recommendation will be considered for placement into a module.
  • Academic merit.
  • Priority will be given to JC2 and Year 6 students if a module is oversubscribed.

4)  Will I get a refund if I am unable to attend the module due to representing my school in a competition?

No, there will be no reversal of module fees regardless of the reason for your absence. The fee of $20 per module will be payable once we have confirmed your placement in the module.

5)  Will food and beverages be provided?

No, food and beverages are not provided. You can purchase your own food and beverages from the various F&B outlets as well as the convenience stores and supermarkets on campus. The seeNTU Ambassadors will be able to guide you to these places.

6)  Will there be any exemptions for my undergraduate studies at NTU should I apply to NTU?

No, there will be no exemptions offered. 

7)  Who should I contact should I require more information?

Your first point of contact should be your school’s seeNTU Teacher Coordinator. Alternatively, you may email us at [email protected]