Applying for seeNTU

The application period for seeNTU has closed. 

The 2021-run of seeNTU has been cancelled in line with the Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) national stance due to the current COVID-19 situation. 


Module Synopses

Click here for a detailed write-up and scheduling of each module on offer for the 2021-run of seeNTU. Applications for the 2021-run of seeNTU will run from 5 to 25 February 2021. More information will be released through your School's seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinator.   


School Recommendation / Endorsement

All applications for seeNTU must be recommended / endorsed by your school's seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinator. Do speak with your school's seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinator for application details. You may also wish to peruse the FAQs. The list of seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinators can be accessed here.


Applying for seeNTU 

Click here to apply. 

You may choose to sign up for multiple modules. Do however note that some modules have been scheduled to run concurrently, you should ensure that there are no overlaps in the timings of the modules you opt for.

All applications received will be sent to your school's seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinator for endorsement / recommendation. 

Placement into the different modules will be subject to place availability as well as endorsement by your school. Should a module be over-subscribed, applicants will be short-listed based on academic merit. Priority will be given to JC 2 students if a module is over-subscribed. Successful candidates will be notified through your school's Teacher Coordinator.

As every seeNTU module will involve a laboratory component, a nominal charge of $20 per module will be payable to cover the cost of lab consumables used.  

Do note that you will not be asked to confirm your acceptance of the module(s) you have been allocated to – allocation will be based on the module choice(s) you have indicated in your application form. We will alert your school of the module(s) you have been allocated to and the total amount that will be billed to you.

Kindly note that all student participants are required to submit the seeNTU Parental Consent, PDPA Consent & COVID-19 Health Declaration Forms to your seeNTU Teacher Co-ordinator before the start of the programme. 

Absence  In the event that you are not able to attend a module(s) you have been successfully placed into, there will be NO REVERSAL of module fees regardless of the reason for your absence. Module fees will not be refunded even if your absence is covered by a valid MC.

seeNTU-related Queries   We do need to seek the understanding and cooperation of all students interested in seeNTU - given the large number of applications that are received each year, we do need to request for all students to refrain from writing directly to the faculty teaching the different seeNTU modules. Do direct all queries to the Talent Outreach section at