Learning Resources

Academic Integrity - principles to make your education more valuable

NTU strives to create a thriving environment for the intellectual enrichment of all. For this to happen, all faculty and students are expected to honour the principles of intellectual and academic integrity.

For more details, you may view or download the Academic Integrity Handbook from the student intranet portal.

The Course Outline - how to use it & why it's important

As educators, we are committed to your success! This is why we take great care in designing each course offered at NTU. We not only want you to become more effective learners, we also want you to get the most out of your education.

Each course at NTU begins with a course outline document (a.k.a. the syllabus). You can think of it as a roadmap. It will tell you what you expect to learn, how what you're learning relates to your curriculum, and what skills and knowledge you will obtain by the end of the course. You will also have an understanding of what will be required of you to be successful in the course. 

The course outline contains the following information:

how the course outline benefits students