Research Projects

Title​​Principal Investigator
A Unity Power Factor Adjustable Speed Drive for Industry Energy EfficiencyAli I Maswood
Adaptive & Intelligence Manager for Classification System​Mao Kezhi ​
Application of Intelligent Control to the Die-Stepping Problem​Wang Danwei ​
Autonomous Navigation in Urban Environment​Wang Danwei ​
Collaborative Signal and Information Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks​Xie Lihua​ ​
Control-Theoretic Real-time Rendering​Wang Jianliang​
Design and Development of a Compact, Integrated Slam Module for Indoor Perception and Localization​Wang Han ​
Distributed-Cooperative Information Processing and Control​Xie Lihua​
Dynamic Optimization for HVAC processes​Cai Wenjian, 
Soh Yeng Chai, 
Xie Lihua ​
Extreme Learning Machine Based Efficient Classifiers​Huang Guangbin ​
From Seawater To Fresh Potable Water Employing Solar & Ambient Energy, and Air Con Waste Heat in Urban/ Desert Climate​Ali I Maswood​
Geolocation and Tracking with Networked Multi-Sensor Platforms​Xie Lihua​
IBM Shared University Research Award​Soh Yeng Chai ​
Information collaboration between Classification Processes​Mao Kezhi ​
Integrative Approach for Controller Design for Optimal Performance​Xie Lihua ​
Investigation of Network-constrained Estimation Algorithms for Network-Centric Environments​Xie Lihua ​
MIMO Process Control and Applications​Cai Wenjian​ ​
Model-based diagnosis and prognosis for complex dynamic systems​Wang Danwei​ ​
Networked Sensing and Actuation System for Energy Efficiency and Human Comfort​Xie Lihua​ ​
Novel Roof-mounted Solar Energy Assisted Double Cycle Refrigeration for Energy Efficient Building Air-conditioning Systems​Cai Wenjian​ ​
Road Pricing for Traffic Congestion Control​Xie Lihua​
Situation Reactive Traffic-light Control​Wang Danwei ​
Unity Power-Factor Adjustible Speed Drive for Energy Neutral Building​Ali I Maswood ​