Director’s message

Rapid urban growth poses many challenges such as urban pollution, transport congestion, waste accumulation, high consumption of energy, and lack of skilled manpower, etc, which affect the liveability o​​f cities and compromise the quality of life. These complex challenges have opened up many new research opportunities that call for multi-disciplinary approaches for cost-effective and environmental friendly energy solutions, reduced carbon emission, automation solutions, sustainable manufacturing, and smart transportations.

Centre for System Intelligence and Efficiency (CSIE) harnesses and synergises the research expertise of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the areas of control and optimization, sensing and information processing, machine learning, cyber physical systems, robotics and automation, power electronics, energy systems, and transportation systems.

The centre also explores collaborations with other schools and research centres within NTU such as School of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERIAN) and Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (EWRI).

Associate Professor Su Rong

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