What we do

The aim of the Culture Science Innovations is to understand the interplay between culture and psychology, and the implications of this interplay for organizational behavior and consumer behavior. We investigate this interplay by examining core cultural and philosophical ideas; social norms, customs, and practices reflecting and promoting those ideas; everyday experiences personalizing core ideas; and how all of these influence the way people think, feel, and act. To achieve this goal, we adopt a multi-level, multi-method approach, including neuroscience, cognitive, and social psychological experiments, and industrial and organizational psychology surveys. In addition to studying the impact of culture on psychology, we want to uncover the underlying neuro-biological and cognitive mechanisms, and emotional and motivational processes by which the socio-cultural and organizational context evolves over time.

Our Team

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We are a diverse group of cognitive, social, and organizational psychologists working on a variety of topics spanning the behavioral sciences, including neuroscience, psychology, sociology, and economics. 



Prof Soon Ang

(Research Scientists)


Prof George Christopoulos

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Prof Krishna Savani

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Prof Zou Xi

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