Research Projects

CRADLE's research projects span over three overarching themes, namely, 1) Science of learning, 2) Technology Enabled learning, Learning Analytics, and 3) Future Economy and Workforce Learning 

SCIENCE OF LEARNING: Educational Neuroscience; Lifelong LearningSTATUS
Effective Biliteracy: The impact of script sets on bilingual reading networks for typical and atypical readers Ongoing
Understanding Brain Networks of Reading and Math to Inform Diagnostics and Interventions (Brain-NORM) Ongoing
Language and Bilingualism (Infancy) Ongoing
How language mixes contribute to effective bilingualism and biliteracy in Singapore Ongoing
Developing a Translating Educational Clearinghouse for the Differentiated Instruction of Diverse Learners Ongoing
Promoting Effective Biliteracy in Early Childhood: A Systematic Screening and Training Programme for Balanced Bilingual Development Ongoing
Metabolomics platform development for biomarker detection in mindset learning Completed
Training Brain Literacy in Teachers Completed
Translating Educational Neuroscience in the Schools: A Multi-Tier Service Delivery Model That Meets All Children's Needs Completed
Driven to distraction: the role of inhibitory abilities on academic performance Completed
Caregiver interactions and perceptual learning in language acquisition Completed
Pedagogical intervention Completed
Pedagogy and Learning Completed

Understanding and Promoting Networked Learning in the Workplace: A Learning Analytics Approach Ongoing
Technologies for 21st Century Learning and Education Ongoing
Mobile Education Networked Tutoring on Request (MENTOR) Ongoing
Improving Science Instruction through Teacher Noticing and Reflective Dialogues Ongoing
Understanding functional relationships between socio-affective and neurocognitive brain
networks in adults with ASD and ADHD to better inform learning for learners and educators:
towards maximising the adult learning potential.
“Do you know how you present?”: Effectiveness of VR-augmented feedback for effective oral presentationCompleted
Mentor – A peer tutoring app for NTU students Completed
De-identified student data platform for longitudinal learning research Completed
Using automated essay scoring and feedback systems for the development of ethical reasoning Completed
Assessing student learning competencies with e-learning platforms via data analytics Completed
Developing a Computational Framework for Modelling Student Engagement in NTU's Team-Based Learning Ecosystem Completed
Scaffolding the flip: Developing an activity support system for instructors of flipped classroom courses Completed
NTU TEL Programme Evaluation Completed
Socio-materials that matter for traversing the boundaries of school and work Completed
Orchestration of Microlearning to Support Singapore’s Workforce in their Lifelong Learning Journey: Learner, Design and Performance Completed
Evaluating students’ perceptions of learning environments and ways of learning Completed

PwD workforce learning: A cross-national investigation of PwD learning and continuing education experiencesOngoing
Preparing PSEI learners for changing working livesOngoing
Dialogical Inquiry: Developing Quantitative Instruments for Profiling Future Skills Ongoing
Understanding and Promoting Networked Learning in the Workplace: A Learning Analytics Approach Ongoing
Development and validation of a Work-Readiness Assessment Inventory (WRAI) Ongoing
Measuring Employability & Life-long learning Mindsets needed for Careers in the 21st century Ongoing
Challenge-Learn: Developing and Assessing an Andragogical Programme and System based on Co-Skilling to Enhance Employability and LearningCompleted
An Investigation of Pedagogical Approaches in the Acquisition of Language for Low-Waged, Low-Skilled Adult Learners of English Completed
Workplace learning in disruptive innovators: A knowledge management perspective Completed
Developing Intercultural Competent Exchange Students (DICES): Pilot study on inculcating 21st century skills for lifelong learning Completed