Published on 18 Jan 2022

New book release: Turbo Motivation

Turbo Motivation by Dr Kumaran Rajaram


Our work resonates to readers (layman) to raise awareness on the importance of psychological well-being by understanding the correct mix of motivational strategies and nuances in achieving their personal, career aspirations and life goals in a positive climate embedded with highly energised behavioural approach and success mindset. This book is written in simple, easy to comprehend language with practicable strategies, as the target audience is public, i.e. ranging from students, adults to working professionals. I trust such altruistic efforts and outreach to uplift, inspire students and other diverse group of individuals as part of a social cause makes a positive impact in their life. 

The motivational strategies and nuances advocated in this book can be adopted to enable the learning process and facilitation to be rejuvenated in three key dimensions: a) inculcate positive and nurturing learning environment; b) stimulate learner’s interest for learning; c) ingrain a mindset of life-long learning. These aspects must be mindfully, consistently reflected and acted upon to comprehend the nuances embedded in students’ learning preferences as well as the programme and course’s key learning outcomes. It also enables educators to customize the teaching techniques based on the motivational inclinations of learners so that acquisition of knowledge will be achieved with a higher level of efficacy. Extrinsic motivation for learning comes from outside of the learners, in other words, largely emerging from the learning process, approach of facilitation, learning climate and environment. Intrinsic motivation comes from within the learners, which is usually arises from intangible rewards such as certain feelings and emotions that may motivate learners to take certain actions. As language has power over behaviour, intrinsic motivation can be generated via positive self-talk.

“Learning the art and science of motivation empowers one to be highly energized engrained with a purpose through a focused and highly disciplined mindset” – Kumaran RAJARAM

Kumaran RAJARAM, PhD (Distinction) | Nanyang Business School |

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore