Published on 26 Jul 2023

SCSE Convocation 2023

The Convocation Ceremonies for SCSE’s Class of 2023 were held on Tuesday, 25 July 2023.

A total of 759 graduates received their well-earned degrees on this day. It was indeed a momentous occasion for all our graduates and their proud families and friends.

The NTU campus and Nanyang Auditorium were filled with family, friends and loved ones, smiling faces, happy moments, flowers, cheers, hugs and tears!

SCSE Class of 2023: Enjoy your special day because you’ve earned it! Congratulations on your well-deserved success. This is only just the beginning. 

Collage photos of SCSE Convocation 2023

  Programme # of Graduates Presiding Officer/ Guest Speaker
Ceremony 15 – 2:00pm
1.     Doctor of Philosophy
2.     Master of Engineering
3.     Master of Science Artificial Intelligence
174 Mr Jimmy Phoon
Member, NTU Board of Trustees
Executive Director and CEO, Seviora Holdings
Ceremony 16 - 6:00pm 1.     Double Degree in Business & Computer Science
2.     Double Degree in Business & Computer Engineering
3.     Double Degree in Computer Science & Economics
4.     Double Degree in Computer Engineering & Economics
5.     Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
6.     Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering
7.     Bachelor of Science in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Professor Luke Ong
Distinguished University Professor
Vice-President (Research)

Guest Speaker:
Mr Sam Liew
President, Singapore Computer Society
Managing Partner, Government Strategic Business Group, NCS


Medal Winners

S/N Name of Award Name of Awardee Prog
Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal
1 Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal ABHIGYAN SINGH CE
2 Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal PYE SONE KYAW CSC
3 Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal WANG LI RONG DSAI
Gold Medals for Graduating Students
1 Tata Consultancy Services Gold Medal TAN WEI LUN BCG
2 Defence Science & Technology Agency Gold Medal ONG WEI XUAN, JUSTIN CE
3 Hewlett-Packard Gold Medal LE QUANG ANH CSC
5 Information Technology Management Association Gold Medal cum Book Prize JEREMY LEE KIAN KIAT CSC
6 DSTA Gold Medal cum Cash Award WANG LI RONG DSAI
7 Yoozoo Gold Medal WANG LI RONG DSAI


SCSEConvo2023 Highlight Video


Message from the School Management Committee:

Class of 2023 – Congratulations on your graduation from the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE), NTU. You and your loved ones have every reason to be filled with pride on this special occasion.

Today marks an important milestone for all of you. As you pursue your dreams, may you strive for a good balance between personal successes and contributions to the greater good. May your future adventures make excellent use of your computing and engineering skills from SCSE and prove to be highly rewarding.

On behalf of SCSE, we extend our warmest congratulations to all our graduates and wish you the very best in all your future endeavours.

Congrats #SCSEClassof2023! You've done your families and friends proud. Let's celebrate this.


Congratulatory Video Message for Class of 2023